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How Much Does a Lyme Disease Treatment For Dogs Cost?

$ $ Antibiotics: $20 - $85 $ $ $ Basic Treatment: $200 - $400

Ticks represent a big problem for our pets.

These parasites live outdoors, mostly hanging on to leaves or vegetation waiting for a mammal to pass by.

After they attach to a new host, ticks will feed off their blood, only detaching to change from one life stage to the other until they reach the adult stage.

Ticks are dangerous in several ways: they draw blood from their host, secrete neurotoxins that can cause paralysis or death, and transmit various diseases like Lyme disease.

This last one can affect you and your dog, as well. Let’s discuss Lyme disease in dogs, how much the treatment costs, and how to prevent it.

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is caused mostly by Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium that is transmitted to mammals through the bite of a tick that’s already infected.

This disease can cause major health problems because the infection can spread to the kidneys, heart, or nervous system.

If it’s left untreated, it can also cause death, so it’s very important to be aware of your dog and any signs he or she might have.

What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Lyme Disease In Dogs?

It’s not easy to detect Lyme disease in dogs, but there are a few signs that can tell you whether you should take your dog to the vet or not: fever, lameness, decreased energy, loss of appetite, and generalized pain.

These symptoms might disappear for some time and then come back again.

Vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination, are symptoms of an advanced stage of this disease that might be affecting the kidneys.

If your dog presents these symptoms, you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.

Can My Dog Infect Me With Lyme Disease?

Humans can get infected with Lyme disease, but it’s not transmitted directly.

This means that although your dog might have it, doesn’t necessarily mean you or any other member of your family will get infected.

The only way to get Lyme disease is through the bite of a tick.

But if your dog already has it, and a tick bites them, and then it bites you, then you could get infected with Lyme disease as well.

Therefore, preventing ticks is of the utmost importance.

How Can I Prevent Lyme Disease?

There are some ways to prevent this disease, which are basically ways to prevent ticks and other parasites that could affect your dog’s health.

Get Tick & Flea Control Treatment

There are several options to prevent ticks and fleas, such as shampoos, drops applied directly to the skin -on the back of the neck-, collars, and even pills.

Ask your veterinarian which option he or she recommends for your specific dog.

These treatments can last for weeks, or months and they will protect your dog when going outdoors.

 Keep Your Dog On Trails

If you live in an area that has tall grass around, sand or wood, make sure you keep your dog with you on a trail.

Remember that ticks can wait in those areas for even a year, waiting for a dog or any other mammal -including you- to pass so they can attach to it.

So it´s better to avoid these zones and be safe.

Always Check Your Dog For Ticks

Every time you go outdoors with your dog is a good idea to check if it has any ticks.

You can simply use your hand to see if you can find any ticks or use a brush, depending on your dog’s fur and how thick or long it is.

Also check the paws and belly.

There are special tweezers for tick removal if you find any on your dog, so you don’t have to directly come in contact with the tick.

In the end, it’s always better to treat any tick as if it was infected, just in case.

Vaccinate Your Dog

Vaccinating your dog against Lyme disease could be a great option if you live in a potentially dangerous area.

Tell your vet about where you live or in which areas do you usually spend time with your dog.

He or she will tell you if your dog should get the vaccine against Lyme disease or not.

It’s a two-dose vaccine with annual revaccination so your dog maintains immunity.

How Much Does Lyme Disease Treatment Cost?

The basic treatment for Lyme disease in dogs consists of antibiotics.

The length of the treatment and the type of antibiotic, as well as the city where you live, will affect the cost of the overall treatment.

Antibiotics can cost from $20 to $85, depending on the brand and presentation -chewable, tablets, or oral suspension-.

Regular treatment will cost from $200 to $400.

If your dog has severe symptoms or its kidneys are affected, hospitalization might be necessary, which will increase the price.

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