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How Much Does a Blue Rhino Propane Tank Cost?

$ Blue Rhino Propane Gas Tank Exchange Program: $22 $ $ Blue Rhino Prefilled Gas Tank: $48 - $65

Propane gas, along with natural gas, are the main options to use in kitchens, grills, and heating different areas or spaces.

Propane gas, or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), comes from the processing of natural gas and refining of crude oil.

It’s classified as a flammable hydrocarbon gas, and it’s mostly found in small tanks and gas cylinders.

We’ll review some of the most relevant facts about propane gas, and its different uses, and we’ll particularly focus on Blue Rhino propane gas tanks, and how much they cost.

What Are the Uses of Propane Gas?

The most common use of propane gas is for cooking food, but there are numerous uses for this type of gas.

For instance, in domestic settings, using propane gas tanks is very popular for grills.

It can also be used for camping, recreational vehicles, water heaters, heating your home, and even in boats.

It’s also highly common in commercial and agricultural settings, mostly for heating different spaces or to power various types of vehicles.

What Is Blue Rhino Propane Gas?

Blue Rhino is not a special type of propane gas, it’s actually a brand of propane gas tanks.

This brand specializes in tanks to use in grills, and it’s the most recognized brand in the country.

Blue Rhino is part of Ferrellgas, a propane gas company founded in 1939 in Kansas.

Apart from propane gas tanks, Blue Rhino also sells fire tables, grills, and accessories for grilling, such as special gloves, serving baskets, toolsets, and grilling skillets, among others.

Why Is It Called Blue Rhino?

Numerous people have wondered about the name of this brand of propane gas tanks.

Billy Prim, the founder of the brand, came up with the name when he noticed that rhinos were very similar to propane gas tanks while he was on an African photo safari.

The color blue comes from the color of the propane flame.

Why Should I Use Blue Rhino Propane Gas?

Blue Rhino propane gas tanks are popular because it’s a brand that you can find across the country, it’s traditional, has high-quality standards, and because of its tank exchange program.

Another reason to use Blue Rhino gas tanks: it sponsors charity organizations that help in the conservation of endangered rhinos.

What Is the Exchange Blue Rhino Tank Program?

Blue Rhino started as a company to exchange empty propane gas tanks for new ones, but it’s also possible to buy new tanks of propane gas.

These tanks can be found nationwide in numerous stores, and you can find the closest to you using the brand’s official website.

If you have an empty gas tank, you can go to the nearest store where Blue Rhino propane gas tanks are available and exchange the one you have for a full propane gas tank.

It’s important to mention that the empty propane gas tank that you have doesn’t have to be from the same brand.

Blue Rhino accepts any brand of propane gas tanks and they will still give you a new full tank of Blue Rhino.

How Much Does a Blue Rhino Tank Cost?

The cost of Blue Rhino propane tanks is going to depend mostly on two factors: the city or town where you live, and if you have an empty gas tank to exchange or not.

If you have an empty propane gas tank, no matter what the brand is, you can exchange it for a Blue Rhino tank for approximately $22.

In the case that you don’t own a propane gas tank to exchange it, then you’ll have to buy the tank as well, not just the gas.

Buying a prefilled Blue Rhino propane gas tank can cost from $48 to $65, depending on the area where you live.

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