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How Much Does an Acetylene Tank Refill Cost?

$ $ Acetylene Refilling: $2-$50+

Acetylene is a natural, colorless, and highly flammable gas that’s commonly used as a fuel, it’s part of many crucial processes in industries, and it’s a component of multiple chemicals and plastics.

This fuel gas is stored in tanks that people can buy or rent and then refill to use as much as needed.

What Is Acetylene Used For?

According to, the most common commercial uses of acetylene are:

  • Portable Lighting.
  • Welding, Cutting, and Heat Treating.
  • Production of Chemicals.
  • Used in Production of Polyethylene Plastics.

Why Is Acetylene Stored In Tanks?

Acetylene is an extremely volatile natural gas that can rapidly combust when it makes contact with oxygen, which means the proper storage of acetylene is very important to avoid serious consequences.

To avoid any hazards or consequences and decrease its volatility, acetylene is stored in compressed cylinders or tanks that contain a porous filler material and a solvent in which the acetylene is dissolved.

The solvent used, which is atypically acetone, helps decrease the volatility of acetone and allows greater quantities of acetylene to be stored at lower pressures, making it safer to use.

What Sizes Of Acetylene Tank Exist?

There exist many different sizes of acetylene tanks, which are:

Name Size
WQ 70 cubic feet / 7″
WS 100 cubic feet / 8.5″
MC 8 cubic feet / 4″
B 35 cubic feet / 6″
#3 70 cubic feet / 7″
#4 100 cubic feet/ 8.5″
#4.5 200 cubic feet / 10″
#5 300 cubic feet / 12″

What Affects The Price Of Refilling Acetylene Tanks?

There are many factors that will affect the final price of refiling an acetylene tank, such as tank size, local welding laws, the refilling company, and whether you get it refilled or need a new tank.

The cost of refilling an acetylene tank typically goes from $2 to $50 or more.

The following table shows the refilling price difference between the different sizes of acetylene tanks:

Size of Tank (weight empty) Price Quoted
MC-10 (7.5 pounds) $35
B-40 (23.5 pounds) $40
60 (42 pounds) $50
4 (72.5 pounds) $75
4.5 (101 pounds) $110
5 (114 pounds) $120
Jumbo (174 pounds) $175

The price of an acetylene tank’s refill per cubic foot capacity will decrease as the tank size gets larger, making a better deal for purchasing acetylene in larger quantities.

Top Companies

You can get an acetylene tank refill at national chains specialized in repair, maintenance, and improvements (RMI) like Lowes, Ferguson, Airgas, and Tractor Supply.

Also, you can get your acetylene tank refilled at your local plumbing or welding supply house, which usually offers better deals.

Things to consider

Before Refilling

  1. Before refilling your acetylene tank check if you only need the refill or if you need a new tank. New tanks typically cost from $100 to $200, and renting an acetylene tank often costs less than $75 per year. Typically, buying a used tank from Craigslist or eBay is cheaper.
  2. Check with your local maintenance or plumbing stores to compare prices and ask for quotations.
  3. Typically, some retailers of acetylene offer better deals when you lease an acetylene tank from them.

When Refilling

  1. When refilling your acetylene tank it may be a good idea to have it checked. This way a professional will tell you if it needs maintenance or if you need to change your tank.

After Refilling

  1. There are some states that, according to a local retailer policy, charge an environmental fee over acetylene, which is often less than $10.
  2. It’s important to be careful with acetylene tanks due to the highly flammable properties of acetylene. This video made by Victor Technologies explains how to care for and handle acetylene tanks.


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