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How Much Does an Attic Ladder Installation Cost?

$ New Attic Ladder: $100-$200 $ $ Professional Installation: $250-$550

Attic ladders, also known as pull-down and folding stairs, are the best way, and sometimes the only way, to reach the attic.

They connect the entire house to the attic by extending and retracting through a ceiling opening, providing easy access to the attic while still being convenient and hidden when not in use.

The attic is commonly used as storage, but it’s also used as a living space, and it can be turned into the room of the house with the best night view.

Wheatear the attic is used for living or storage, an attic ladder is key to getting access to it, so when it needs replacing or you are building one from cero, there are some considerations to think about.

What Types Of Attic Ladders Exist?

According to, there are two different types of ladders:

  • The ladder comes fitted to brackets that are screwed to the existing ceiling joists.
  • The ladder comes with a rectangular frame, hatch over and trim that drops between existing joists.

What Affects The Price For Installing An Attic Ladder?

According to, there are several factors that affect the price of installing an attic ladder, which include:


There are three common materials used for attic ladders:

  • Aluminum (Sturdy, lightweight, and inexpensive).
  • Wood (Strong, a bit heavy, and reasonable in price).
  • Steel (Sturdy, heavy, and expensive).


Attic ladders are designed with various lengths to fit many types of homes and user convenience. The attic ladder is featured with a mostly 7 feet to 10 feet layout because most standard ceilings are on average 7 feet to 10 feet high.

Ladder weight capacity

The ladder weight capacity is important due to safety measures.

According to your weight and all accessories weight, you have to select ladder weight capacity; there are mainly 5 categories of ladder type:

Ladder-type Weight Capacity (pounds)
TYPE-IAA 375 Pounds
TYPE-IA 300 Pounds
TYPE-I 250 Pounds
TYPE-II 225 Pounds
TYPE-III 200 Pounds

Attic ladder extension type

There are mainly three types of extension or opening systems for attic ladder:

  • The folding type.
  • The scissor-type.
  • Sliding or telescoping system.

Aside from these affecting factors, the complexity of the setup, where you live, the ceiling height, and who you hire to perform the job will also determine the final price of installing an attic ladder.

Typically, a new attic ladder can cost from $100 to $200 for the ladder.

The professional installation of the attic ladder can cost $250 to $550.

Top Companies

You can get an attic ladder from big national chains like Lowes and Home Depot, and also from online retailers like Amazon.

Lowes and Home Depot, as well as Menard’s offer professional installation of the attic ladder for an extra cost.

Look for local handymen and contractors to get a quote on how much they charge for installing an attic ladder.

Things to consider

Before Buying

  1. Make a research for retailers and contractors that work with attic ladders to get quotations for the ladder and the labor costs.
  2. com created an article listing the 7 best pull-down attic ladders.

When Buying

  1. The job of installing an attic ladder includes removing the existing ladder, installing the new ladder, installing the wood trim, and cleaning up the worksite.
  2. Installing a new ladder will need a large hole cut inside of the ceiling and are reinforced with headers without destroying the strength of the joists.
  3. If the contractor or professional installer has to re-route the air ducts, water pipes and/or remove insulation, then costs could increase.
  4. For DIY lovers, you can install the attic ladder by yourself. This video made by Lowes shows how to install an attic ladder.

After Buying

  1. If you also want to paint and install molding outside of the ladder installation, that will increase the final price of the job.
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