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How Much Does Acoustifence Cost?

$ $ Acoustifence: $750 per 30-foot roll

An Acoustifence is a special type of outdoor acoustical barrier that can isolate noises and noise pollution; this fence it’s very easy and more affordable to install compared to sound panels or concrete walls.

Acoustifences were first developed by The Acoustiblok corporation with the main purpose of using them for offshore oil-rig noise isolation; since then, acoustifences have been used for many more purposes.

The acoustifence can be used in many situations, and it’s commonly seen being used in industrial and construction sites, highways, and other sites where there’s a need to conceal the noise.

Nowadays, the acoustifence can be used in residences and commercials, letting individuals reduce the noise and sounds they produce that leak into the outside and produce noise pollution and increase their privacy.

What Is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is the term used for any type of unwanted or disturbing sound that can affect the health and well-being of humans and other organisms.

We measure sound in decibels, and all the sounds from people and the environment have different decibel frequencies, like rustling leaves (20-30 decibels) or the wail of a siren (120-140 decibels); the sounds that reach 85 decibels or higher can harm a person’s ears.

How Can Noise Pollution Affect Your Health?

WebMD explains that there are several reactions that occur inside a person’s body when they hear a loud sound, called the arousal response, which activates when you are in danger.

The arousal response will make your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rates go up, your digestive system slows down, your blood vessels tighten, and your muscles tense.

Noise pollution, aside from causing the arousal response produces many health problems, being the most common the noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), which is provoked due to being exposed to noise over a long period or to very loud sounds for a short time; in some cases, the damage is permanent.

Noise pollution can also cause or worsen heart diseases, migraines, digestive problems, high blood pressure, sleep problems, and productivity issues.

According to National Geographic, noise pollution can cause health problems for people and wildlife alike, including creatures in the ocean.

What Are The Features Of An Acoustifence?

  • It can be attached to a privacy fence to dampen road noise.
  • It can reduce noises by up to approximately 28 decibels.
  • It can be put onto a cinderblock wall or attached to stud walls to reduce noise in sensitive areas.
  • It’s really strong and has been engineered to withstand outdoor construction sites, offshore oil rigs, and highway environments.
  • It’s easy to set up or remove.
  • It is UV tolerant, paintable, and impermeable to water.
  • It’s made from more than 90% organic or recycled material, totally non-mold (rated 10 from 10) and 100% recyclable.

What Factors Affect The Costs Of An Acoustifence?

There are certain factors that will determine the final price of an Acoustifence for your individual needs, such as the size and density of the Acoustifence you want, and where you purchase it from.

An Acoustifence typically costs about $750 per 30-foot roll.

Things to Know

Before buying

  1. It’s important to get the exact or approximate measure of the location where you will use the acoustifence.
  2. There are different retailers that sell the acoustifence so you should do a research and get quotations from different retailers to compare prices.

When buying

  1. To set up the Acoustifence, black anodized brass eyelets will be required every six inches on the top edge. Some of them will also be needed on the bottom edge.
  2. The heavy-duty nylon wire ties are typically supplied with the Acoustifence fence; however, stainless wire ties come at an additional cost.

After buying

  1. According to the brand, the Acoustifence is very easy to install. Here’s a video made by Acoustiblok WebAdmin that shows how to install an Acoustifence.
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