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How Much Does a Bird Feeder Cost?

$ $ Bird Feeders: $5 - $150

One of the best things about having a backyard is to have a space where you can observe and truly enjoy nature.

Not only the environment but also all the different animals and creatures that live in and around it.

A great way to assist some of these animals that live in your area is to install bird feeders in your backyard or garden.

In the next sections, we’ll review what bird feeders are, some of the advantages and disadvantages of having bird feeders, and how much they can cost.

What Is a Bird Feeder?

A bird feeder is a device that allows birds to get food at any moment they want.

These are usually meant for wild birds because of their large size and general features.

There are different types, mostly depending on the kind of birds that live or fly around your area.

Should I Buy a Bird Feeder?

 If you love nature and animals of all species, the quick answer would be yes!

However, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying a bird feeder.


The main advantage of having a bird feeder is that you can help a variety of bird species to have a continuous source of food throughout the year.

This is particularly helpful during winter when resources and food are limited as a result of the weather conditions.

This will also help birds to provide food for their little ones, reducing the time they spend away from the nest looking for food.

Another great advantage of having bird feeders is that birds will return the favor.

They will help maintain your garden with weed and insect control, as well as pollinating flowers.

It can be a win-win situation for you, your family, your garden, and nature.


In some cities or neighborhoods, it’s not allowed to install bird feeders in residential areas.

This is mostly because these devices might attract other animals.

Raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, bats, and sometimes bears might approach your backyard looking for food.

If it is permitted, then you might still want to purchase special bird feeders that won’t be easy to break or damage, in case another kind of animal finds it.

Having a bird feeder means that you’ll have to be constantly cleaning and maintaining the area and the device itself.

When left uncleaned, birds can develop serious health problems if they continue to feed on them.

You will also need to clean the area where the bird feeders are installed.

Seeds, feathers, and feces would likely end up on the ground below them.

Which Bird Feeder Should I Buy?

There are different types of bird feeders depending on the species, what they eat and the features you prefer.

These features are generally to stop other animals to eat the bird’s food and to discourage cats or other predators that want to hunt the birds that stop there for the food.

According to the type of food, there are seed, ground, nuts and nibbles, and suet feeders.

If you want to attract a large variety of bird species, you could combine different types of bird feeders, yet it’s recommended to first study which birds are common in the area where you live.

How much Does a Bird Feeder Cost?

The price of a bird feeder generally varies according to the type of feeder, its design, the materials used, and the features it has.

Seed bird feeders can cost from $10 to $150.

Ground bird feeders can be from $10 to $50.

Nuts and nibbles bird feeders are found from $12 to $45.

Suet bird feeders cost between $5 and $35.

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