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How Much Does Raising Chickens Cost?

$ Continuous Expenses: $215 - $330 $ $ Primary Expenses: $285 - $720

Chickens are one of the most common birds raised either domestically or commercially for their meat and eggs.

There are over 60 different breeds, and most of them are flyless or can only fly short distances.

Chickens are supposed to have been domesticated around 7,000 years ago in Asia, although it’s not clear if this process started because of their meat and eggs or if it was for religious or entertainment purposes.

If you’re thinking about starting to raise chickens in your backyard or land, there are a few things you should know first, including the approximate cost.

Is Raising Chickens The Right Choice For Me?

The main question is why do you want to raise chickens?

Is it to have eggs whenever you can? Or meat? Or both?

This will help you set up a plan to determine the things you will need, the specific chicken breeds, and the overall budget.

If you want to raise chickens in your backyard, you first have to check whether it’s allowed to have these birds in your neighborhood and if there’s a limit on how many you can have.

Chickens are social birds, so the more you have, the better it will be.

They can live between 10 and 15 years, so they are a long-term commitment.

Chickens will provide you with healthy food and are a great opportunity to connect with nature.

Primary Expenses

These are the basic things you will have to buy once if you want to start raising chickens.

Buying Chickens

You can buy baby chicks that will cost $2 to $4 each, pullets or chickens that are around 4 to 10 weeks old and cost $10 to $25 each, or full-grown hens that can cost between $10 and $35 each, depending on the breed.

Buying Or Building A Coop

The price of a coop will be determined mostly by its size and materials used.

The most common ones are made of wood and have a roost that’s big enough for all your chickens to sleep at night, nesting boxes, and outside space to roam during the day.

This space can be either enclosed or completely open if you want to free-range your chickens.

The coop must have a roof, not only to protect them from predators but also to control temperature.

If you buy a coop, the price will tend to be between $200 and $500, but you also have the choice of building one, which could cost less.


Chickens don’t need a lot of accessories inside the coop, only a chicken waterer that can cost from $10 to $45, a feeder that is usually between $12 and $35, and probably a heater, depending on where you live.

Coop heaters can go from $40 to $70.

Continuous Expenses

Here you will find the basic things you’ll have to buy on a monthly or yearly basis when raising chickens.


The type of food you can get for your chickens will generally depend on their age and whether they are vaccinated or not.

There are chick started feed (medicated or not), or layer pellets for fully-grown chickens.

You can also give them cracked corn or mealworms to keep a balanced diet.

You would be spending annually on chicken food from $60 to $75.


It’s important to have bedding inside the coop because it will help with temperature control and comfort.

Bedding can be from wood shavings, straw, sawdust, or shredded newspaper, and it can cost from $120 to $180 per year.

Vet Visits

Your chickens will also need regular check-ups with a veterinarian, although they tend to be healthy birds under the right conditions.

The price of a vet visit can vary according to the town or city where you live, but they’re usually from $35 to $75.


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