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How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost?

$ $ Continuous Expenses: $155 - $680 $ $ $ Primary Expenses: $150 - $780

Hedgehogs are small mammals that originally live in some areas of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

There are 15 different species of hedgehogs, and they live in a vast variety of environments, like deserts, woodlands, and grasslands.

Their main feature and defense against predators are the sharp spines that cover most of their bodies.

When there is a predator on sight or they feel in danger, they curl into a ball, exposing only their spines, therefore, protecting themselves this way until the danger has passed.

Despite those spines, they are adorable creatures that have started to become popular pets.

In the next sections, we’ll discuss some of the basic information about hedgehogs and how much you would pay for keeping one as a pet.

Is A Hedgehog The Right Pet For Me?

Even though hedgehogs are not an endangered species, they are still not legal to own in some states, so this should be the first thing to check if you’re thinking about getting one.

It’s illegal to have them as pets because they could end up becoming pests or introduce diseases in an environment that’s not naturally theirs.

Hedgehogs are solitary animals, so they might be a bit timid at first around humans.

They are active during the night and sleep during the day, which could be a problem for some owners.

Hedgehogs are not pets for small children because of their spines and overall traits, so it’s something to consider if there are little kids in your home.

It’s also advisable to pet-proof or hedgehog-proof your house because they enjoy hiding and excavating as they would normally do in the wild.

Primary Expenses

Here you’ll find the main or basic expenses you’ll have to make when first getting a hedgehog.

Adopting Or Buying A Hedgehog

Because hedgehogs are not common pets, they probably won’t be easy to find in shelters or rescues to adopt, but it’s always a good idea to check first.

The price of the adoption fees varies depending on what it includes, like vet visits, food, or even a small cage.

Adopting a hedgehog could cost from $50 to $100.

If you’re looking to buy instead, the price here will be determined by the color of the hedgehog and if you buy it at a pet store or to a licensed breeder.

They generally cost from $100 to $500.

Cages Or Habitats

There are no special cages or habitats just for hedgehogs, but you can find some that will adapt to your hedgehog’s needs, like cages made of wire with bottom plastic or plastic or glass habitats with ventilation on top.

Some of these will already have water bottles, food dishes and can also come with hideouts or any other accessories.

These can cost between $40 to $200, depending on the size, materials, and accessories.


Hedgehogs are active animals, so they need an exercise wheel that’s big enough for them.

These cost from $10 to $20.

They will also need a heating pad ($18 – $30) and a hideout ($15 – $30).

Continuous Expenses

You can find here the most common annual or monthly expenses you’ll have to make when having a hedgehog as a pet.


In the wild, hedgehogs eat insects, mice, frogs, eggs, lizards, and can even eat some poisonous snakes.

But there is dry food that comes especially for them, with a lot of different proteins and vitamins that will keep it healthy.

You can expect to pay around $50 to $200 per year.


The price of the bedding will vary according to the materials used for it.

Generally, natural beddings are the best for any animal.

You should keep the cage clean and replace the bedding whenever it’s needed.

You’ll be spending annually from $50 to $250 on bedding.


Besides the necessary accessories, you’ll also have to get some toys to keep your hedgehog entertained.

These could be tube tunnels, mazes, small balls, or even stuffed animals.

Toys can usually cost from $5 to $30.

Vet Visits

Although hedgehogs tend to be healthy animals, they can also carry diseases or bacteria that could become a problem for them and also for you as a pet owner.

They should have their annual check-ups to make sure they are in good health.

The cost of a vet visit depends mostly on the city where you live and if you can easily find a vet that is specialized in hedgehogs.

Vet visits cost between $50 and $200.

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