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How Much Does a Rabbit Cost?

$ $ Primary Expenses: $95 - $645 $ $ $ Continuous Expenses: $780 - $1,2K

Rabbits are small to medium-size fluffy mammals that have whiskers, long ears, long legs to hop around, and short round tails.

These adorable animals live in the wild in different habitats: wetlands, tropical forests, and deserts.

Rabbits have become popular pets, not only because of their cute looks but also because of their tender and social nature.

If you’re thinking about having a rabbit as a pet, there are a few things you should know about them first.

Is A Rabbit The Right Pet For Me?

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are usually not great animals for small kids because of their size and nature.

Their bodies are fragile, and they can be easily startled by loud noises.

Rabbits live between 10 and 12 years, so they are a long-term commitment.

They will need a habitat that’s big enough for them to live in a quiet area of your house, or outside if it’s safe from predators.

Rabbits are social animals, so even if you can get one, it’s usually better to have at least two at the same time.

They can keep each other company and they will have a healthier life.

Rabbits’ teeth are always growing, which means that they are always chewing on things.

You’ll have to rabbit-proof your house if you don’t want your furniture, electric cables, and other things to be destroyed.

If you do decide to get a pet rabbit, they can be great companions for you and your family.

Primary Expenses

Here you’ll find some of the most basic things you’ll have to buy when getting a rabbit as a pet.

Adopting Or Buying A Rabbit

As a popular pet, unfortunately, rabbits are also popular in shelters or rescue organizations.

They will mostly come from previous owners that couldn’t keep taking care of them, so it’s always a great idea to check on local shelters or online rescues.

You will have to pay an adoption fee that can be from $20 to $100, depending on what it includes and the breed of the rabbit.

If you prefer to buy a rabbit, the cost of it will mostly vary according to the breed you choose.

You can find rabbits to buy in pet stores or professional breeders, and they tend to cost between $25 and $100.

Cages Or Hutches

Wire cages with a plastic bottom are the most popular habitats for rabbits if you want to have them inside your house.

The cage should be big enough for the size of your rabbit and to include all the supplies and toys they will need.

Wire cages for rabbits can cost from $45 to $200.

If you have a safe place outside your house and you prefer to have your rabbit there, the best option will be a hutch.

These are usually made of wood and have two spaces separated by a small ladder.

This provides your rabbit with an area to be on the ground and an area to rest and be quiet when it needs it.

Hutches are more expensive than wire cages and depending on the size and materials used can cost from $130 to $500.


The majority of cages and hutches don’t come with any accessories, so you’ll have to add a water bottle $10 – $15, a ceramic dish for food $2 – $5, a hay feeder $10 – $15, and a litter box $5 – $10.

Continuous Expenses

In this section, you’ll find the most common things you’ll have to continuously buy for your rabbit.


Rabbits are herbivores and because of their digestive system, they need a constant supply of hay, which could be oat, timothy, or orchard hay.

They will also need green vegetables, fruits, and dried pellets to keep a balanced diet.

You can spend in food per year from $480 to $720.

Bedding & Litter

Whether it’s in a wire cage with plastic bottom or a hutch, your rabbit will need soft bedding where they can be comfortable.

Bedding for rabbits is made from natural materials and you can buy it at pet stores.

The annual cost for bedding is from $100 to $120.

Litter for rabbits or other small animals is usually made of paper and comes in pellets.

You can expect to pay for litter from $150 to $220 per year.


Rabbits need to chew things to keep their teeth in good shape and size, and there is a variety of chewing toys specially designed for that purpose.

These can cost between $2 and $10 each.

Vet Visits

Rabbits need annual check-ups with the veterinarian, as well as vaccines, and parasite treatment.

The cost of a regular visit to the vet can greatly differ between cities, but you’ll probably be spending between $35 to $75 per visit.

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