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How Much Does Dog Food Cost?

$ $ Dog Food Annually: $200 - $800

A balanced diet is one of the main factors that help to keep your dog healthy and fit.

Veterinarians warn about the dangers of overfeeding or underfeeding your dog since these extremes lead to malnourishment and serious health issues.

Even if it seems that dogs can eat whatever you give them, there are restrictions on their diet, and they should always avoid heavily processed food that is meant for humans -we should too!-.

Let’s review what food they should eat, some of the different types of dog food, and how much they cost.

What Kind Of Food Do Dogs Eat?

Experts differ on what should dogs eat and what their primary food should be.

Some argue that dogs are omnivores because they have adapted throughout thousands of years to eat what we, humans, eat.

That means that they can eat meat or plants and still meet their nutritional requirements.

On the other hand, others believe that dogs’ bodies haven’t actually evolved to process plants as our has; their teeth still show signs of being made to tear and rip meat from the bone, the composition, and length of their gastrointestinal system is still adapted to eat meat, not to digest plants.

So, what can dogs eat? They can eat meat, vegetables, and even some fruits.

The best advice is to ask your veterinarian about what your specific dog should eat according to its age and its breed.

What Types Of Dog Food Are There?

There are mainly 3 types of dog food available: raw, wet, and dry dog food.

Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food follows the premise that dogs haven’t evolved to become omnivores.

They need raw food and especially raw meat, to be truly healthy.

Here, we find what has been called the BARF diet, which can either mean ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ or ‘Bones And Raw Food’.

This diet mixes different types of meat and vegetables, all raw for your dog to eat.

Some veterinarians, though, don’t believe it’s a good idea to feed raw food to dogs because it could be contaminated, therefore, becoming a potential health risk.

Raw dog food generally comes in two presentations: frozen or freeze-dried.

The price will vary according to the ingredients, size, and presentation of the food.

Raw dog food can cost from $12 to $35 per bag.

Wet Dog Food

This type of dog food generally mixes different kinds of meat, vegetables and some can also have grains or fruits.

Because it’s wet, some experts believe that it’s healthier than giving your dog dry food.

Wet and moist food preserves the food’s nutrients better, hence it will be better for your dog.

Wet dog food usually comes in cans, and it cost between $2 to $5 per can.

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food or kibble is raw food that has been dehydrated and prepared to eliminate any pathogens -bacteria or virus- that could be present.

They can also be a mix of meats, vegetables, and grains, depending on your dog’s needs.

Dry dog food normally costs from $10 to $25 per bag.

Which Dog Food Should I Buy For My Dog?

It usually comes down to your preferences and beliefs, but you should always ask your veterinarian about which type of dog food he or she thinks it’s better for your dog, as we said earlier.

Some breeds might need a specific type of food, some dogs can have food allergies and it does matter if your dog is a puppy, an adult, or a senior dog.

These three stages of your dog’s life do have different nutritional requirements, so it’s something you should always consider when buying dog food.

You could also mix all three types of dog food but be careful when changing or introducing a new type of food to your dog since they can have digestive problems when this happens.

How Much Does Dog Food Cost?

Dog food is one of the major expenses you’ll have to make when having a pet because it’s constant.

The amount of money you’ll pay will vary according to the type of food you choose, the presentation of it, your dog’s size, and maybe even its breed.

Annually, you can expect to pay for dog food an average of $200 to $800.

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