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How Much Does an Invisible Fence Cost?

$ $ Invisible Fence Kit: $150 - $400 $ $ $ Invisible Fence By a Professional Company: $1K - $2K

One of the main advantages of having a house with a yard is all the outdoor space you have to enjoy nature and do numerous activities.

This can make a great difference when having pets like cats and particularly dogs.

Dogs need constant exercise, and having an enclosed area where they can run, play, and relax, is definitely a plus.

Yet it’s not always possible to have a metal or wood fence in the yard.

That’s when invisible fences are useful.

Let’s review the basic information about invisible fences and how much you could pay for one.

What Is an Invisible Fence?

An invisible fence provides an enclosed space for your pets without using any materials that actually become a physical, tangible barrier.

How Do Invisible Fences Work?

Invisible fences are also known as underground fences because of the mechanism that allows them to work.

They are composed of electric wires buried a few inches in the ground of the area that you want to confine.

Once the wires are installed, small flags are placed around the limits of the fence.

These flags will help to train your pet to recognize the boundaries of the yard where they can freely run and play.

Your pet will have a collar that will receive radio frequencies from the underground wires.

The collar will let them know when they are getting too close to the invisible fence or if they have crossed it.

If they come too close, the collar will emit a sound or vibration to warn them.

If this doesn’t work and your pet crosses the fence, then it will activate a small electric shock to make them stop and go back inside the fence.

It’s supposed to be a small shock that will warn the pet, not hurt them.

Should I Buy an Invisible Fence?

This depends mostly on your personal preferences, how many pets you have, and your budget.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of invisible fences.


The most notorious advantage of these fences is that you don’t have to put anything that affects your yard’s landscape.

All the wires are underground and the flags are usually just a temporary measure to train your pet.

They can be a tool to start educating your pet not just about the fence’s limits, but also about other things you might want to train them afterward.

Invisible fences are a great option when neighborhoods have specific rules about fencing or when they are just not allowed.

Invisible fences are cheaper than wood or metal fences.


Pet parents can be concerned about the use of electric discharges in their pets, even if the shock is minimal and won’t hurt them.

In some pets, these shocks can generate anxiety or even aggression.

The installation process could take some time since the wires must be placed below ground.

Training your pet could also take a fair share of time, even if you hire a professional pet trainer.

Your pet won’t be protected from animals or people that cross the invisible fence.

Invisible fences only work when the animal has a collar.

Any other animal or human could cross the fence and there won’t be any signal that alerts you or your pet of this intrusion.

If your pet really wants to cross the fence because there is something outside of its limits that they want, probably nothing will stop them.

How Much Does an Invisible Fence Cost?

The cost of an invisible fence will vary according to the size of your yard, the quality of the wiring, the city where you live, and the number of pets you have.

Invisible fence kits can cost from $150 to $400, just to buy the fence, if you want to install it and train your pets yourself.

If you prefer to hire a professional company, this will cost between $1,000 and $2,000 for the fence and the installation.

You could pay $100 for each extra collar, and between $80 and $100 on its batteries per year.

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