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How Much Does Owning a Dog Cost?

$ $ Primary Expenses: $260 - $1,740 $ $ $ Continuous Expenses: $720 - $2670

Getting a dog is an exciting new adventure, especially if you haven’t had one before.

It might seem that all your new dog will ever need is somebody to love them and give them a home.

But getting a dog it’s a serious responsibility and there are a lot of factors that you should think about first, beyond your desire of having a dog.

One of these major factors is your budget.

Do you have an estimate of how much are you going to spend when you first get your dog?

Do you know how much you’re going to pay a year to keep your dog healthy and safe?

Let’s review these expenses in the short and long term.

Primary Expenses

These are things you only pay once when you first get your dog.

The total cost will be determined by the city where you live, your personal preferences, and how you get your dog.

Adopting Or Buying A Dog

These are the most common choices when you’re first going to get a dog, and what you choose will end up affecting the cost of these primary expenses.

Adopting a dog tends to be cheaper than buying a dog.

You can adopt dogs at local shelters, rescue groups, or even pet stores. There will have a variety of dog breeds and ages for you to choose from.

In most places, the dog will already be vaccinated and maybe even neutered or spayed before you take it home with you.

Adopting a dog can cost from $50 to $300.

Buying a dog will depend on the breed of the dog you want, and most of them will have the initial vaccinations and deworming treatment.

If you want an affordable dog breed, this will cost between $200 to $600.

The most expensive ones are from $7,000 to $14,000.

First Vet Visit

This will be the first visit to the veterinarian with you, whether you got a puppy or an older dog.

The vet will check your dog and provide any necessary vaccinations or treatment.

A first visit can cost from $50 to $350.

The price will vary according to how you got your dog, by adopting or buying it.

Neutering Or Spaying Your Dog

Generally, when you adopt a dog, especially if it’s an older dog, he or she will already be sterilized, and the cost will be included in the adoption fee.

If not, neutering or spaying your dog might cost from $40 to $550.

Bed, Food & Water Bowls

The price of the bed depends mostly on the size and materials used, but most of them will cost from $20 to 250.

Food and water bowls tend to come in pairs, costing from $10 to $50.

Collar, Toys

Collar prices are usually from $8 to $40, depending on the materials used and if you want it personalized in any way.

There is a great variety of dog toys, but their usual cost is between $5 to $50.

Continuous Expenses

In this category, you’ll find the most common things you must buy or spend on your dog, monthly or annually.

Dog Food

The price of dog food varies according to which type you get (raw, wet, or dry), if your dog has any special nutritional requirements, and the size of your dog.

But generally, dog food costs between $200 to $800 per year.

Worm and Flea Prevention Treatments

These are usually tablets or chewable that you’ll give your dog at home to prevent worms, fleas, and ticks.

Your vet will advise you on which one would be better for your specific dog.

These treatments can cost from $30 to $170 per year.

Dog Grooming

The cost here will be determined mostly by your dog’s breed, its type of fur, and how often does it need to be groomed.

The price range here will be from $90 to $500.

Vet Visits

Annual vet visits that have medical tests, booster vaccinations, teeth cleaning, or any other necessary treatment, can cost from $300 to $700.

But it can go up if your dog has any medical issues that will increase the visits and tests administered.

Dog Health Insurance

Getting insurance for your dog could be a great idea since they will cover any emergencies or serious diseases that your dog might develop over time.

They tend to cost from $100 to $500 per year.


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