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How Much Does a Pet Frog Cost?

$ $ Primary Expenses: $60 - $480 $ $ $ Continuous Expenses: $310 - $1,5K

There are over five thousand species of frogs on our planet, living in different kinds of environments.

Frogs are amphibians, which are vertebrates that need a moist habitat or water to survive.

Their life actually begins in the water as tadpoles, later developing lungs and limbs that will allow them to live on land for as long as they live.

Frogs can absorb water and even breathe through their skin.

This special feature makes them vulnerable to certain environmental conditions and chemical contamination.

If you are interested in getting a frog as a pet, there are a few things you should know first, as well as how much you would have to pay for having one.

Is A Frog The Right Pet For Me?

Frogs, whether are frogs or toads, are considered exotic pets.

That’s mainly because they are not domesticated animals and because some of them come from different countries or even different continents.

If you decide to get a frog, make sure they come from legal pet stores or professional, reputable breeders.

Frogs are a long-term commitment.

Most of them will live from 4 to 10 years, but some species can get to live for 20 or even 30 years.

It’s important to check the usual lifespan of the frog you want before getting it.

Do you have time to take care of your frog?

This is an essential aspect that people sometimes forget when getting a pet.

Pets of all kinds need attention and proper care.

Because of their special and delicate skin, frogs will need to be in a habitat that’s most similar to their natural environment, not just any tank or aquarium.

They can’t be handled as much as other pets because of their fragile skin.

They not only absorb beneficial things like water or oxygen, but they can also absorb contaminants that could harm them, so they will not have as much contact with you as you would have with other pets.

Primary Expenses

If you do decide to get a frog as a pet, there are some basic things you’ll have to get only once.

Adopting Or Buying A Frog

As it happens with most exotic pets, it’s rare to find frogs available to adopt.

But it’s still a good idea to check on local shelters or rescue groups that might have them or they could recommend where to find one.

Taking one from the wild is not and should never be an option.

It could negatively affect the frog, or it could already have an illness without you knowing it.

The cost of buying a frog from a pet store or a professional breeder depends mostly on the kind of frog you want.

Buying a frog could cost from $5 to $100.

Tank Or Habitat

Your frog species determines which kind of tank or habitat it requires.

Frog habitats are generally divided into aquatic, semi-aquatic, arboreal, or terrestrial, so this is the main factor to consider when getting a tank or aquarium.

Depending on the frog, it will require specific temperature and humidity, as well as the size of the enclosure and supplies.

Some frogs live better alone while other species could live well in the company of other frogs.

Check first with an expert about all these aspects before getting your frog.

A habitat for a frog usually costs from $30 to $250, but if you’re looking for larger options, the price could significantly increase.


The basic supplies for a frog habitat are a thermometer and hygrometer -to measure temperature and humidity- ($5 – $15), a water dish ($3 – $10), a heating pad ($10 – $40), or a heat lamp ($8 – $50) depending on the species, and wood branches or hideouts ($7 – $40).

You might also want to get natural plants, but this will depend again on the species of your frog.

Continuous Expenses

Here are the basic things you’ll have to purchase either monthly or annually to take care of your pet frog.


Frogs need food that has high levels of protein.

Frogs are carnivores, mostly eating in the wild fruit flies, worms, crickets, grasshopper, and other insects, but some of the larger species could even eat mice.

In some pet stores, you can find live insects or pre-mixed dried insects that come in containers.

Generally, food for your frog will cost from $180 to $1, 200 per year.

Substrate Or Soil

The base of your frog’s habitat will vary according to the species, but you’ll be spending on most natural substrates or soils, between $80 and $250 per year.

Vet Visits

It’s always important to take your pet to the veterinarian for a check-up.

It could be difficult to find one who specializes in frogs, since they are not common pets.

Vet visits usually cost from $50 to $100 per year.

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