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How Much Does a Brick Mailbox Cost?

$ Extra Features: $30 - $150 $ $ Pre-built Brick Mailboxes: $500 - $1,1K $ $ $ Custom-made Brick Mailboxes: $700 - $1,7K

Mail has been an important and constant part of people’s lives and societies throughout human history.

Since the Pharaohs first started using couriers to send messages and decrees to distant territories, we haven’t stopped communicating with each other.

In the last couple of decades, due to technological advancements and the development of the Internet, mail has been increasingly replaced by electronic mail or e-mail.

However, physical mail is still used nowadays, particularly for official letters, notices, personal invitations, and even advertisements.

In this article, we’ll talk about brick mailboxes, their advantages and disadvantages, and the cost of having one.

What Is a Brick Mailbox?

A brick mailbox is exactly what the name suggests: a mailbox made of bricks.

Yet bricks are not the only material used to create brick mailboxes.

Concrete must be utilized to build a foundation for the mailbox.

If only bricks are used, then the mailbox won’t be able to support its own weight.

When this happens, mailboxes start leaning and, if this is not solved, it might completely fall and destroy the structure.

A steel mailbox is generally used in brick mailboxes since they tend to last longer than regular metal receptacles.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Brick Mailbox?

Having a brick mailbox can add more style to your house.

If your house also has bricks, you can design a mailbox that looks like your house by using the same type of bricks and materials.

In this way, a brick mailbox can also add value to your house since it would have a more solid structure than regular mailboxes.

Another advantage is that your mail will be safe.

Bricks mailboxes generally use locks to provide even more security.

As we previously mentioned, brick mailboxes last longer than regular wood and metal mailboxes.

Brick mailboxes will last for decades with the proper maintenance and care.

And it will also prevent vandalism.

What Are the Disadvantages of Having a Brick Mailbox?

The disadvantages associated with having a brick mailbox will mostly depend on the materials that are used, the regulations of the neighborhood where you live, and your preferences.

In the first case, if low-quality materials were used to create the brick mailbox or if it was built incorrectly, then you’ll have to spend even more to replace the damaged one.

In certain cases, neighborhoods have specific regulations about the style of the houses, including the mailboxes. It’s important to check first if it’s allowed to build a brick mailbox before starting to get one.

In the last case, if you prefer having regular mailboxes that you can change more often according to the style of the moment, then brick mailboxes are probably not for you.

Can I Build My Own Brick Mailbox?

There is the possibility of building your own brick mailbox.

However, this is not an easy task that everybody is able to do.

It’s important to have the right design, measures, and expertise in order to build a brick mailbox that looks nice and that lasts.

That is why it’s always recommended to get professional help when designing and building a brick mailbox.

They will provide suggestions about what you need, the best materials to be used, and the design of the brick mailbox.

They will also give suggestions about maintenance, so your mailbox lasts as much as possible.

How Much Does a Brick Mailbox Cost?

The cost of a brick mailbox is going to depend on several factors, such as the materials used, the size of the structure, the extra features that you want to add (such as a plaque with the number of your house or lights), if it’s custom-made or premade, and the city where you live.

Premade or pre-built brick mailboxes tend to cost between $500 and $1,100.

Custom-made brick mailboxes generally cost from $700 to $1,700.

Extra features could cost between $30 and $150, on average.

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