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How Much Does a Car Battery Charger Cost?

$ Trickle Charger $20-$60 $ $ Standard Charger (Jump-starter) $30-$100 $ $ $ Wheeled Charger (Jump-starter) $80-$500+

A common issue that can happen to any car owner is a discharged battery.

This can happen because you left the lights on all night and; well, it’s not 100% sure that your battery will run out of charge because of it, but it’s a very real possibility that won’t let you turn on your engine in the morning.

What’s the Best Solution?

If a discharged battery is your case (and not a dead battery) then the best option for you is to have a car battery charger.

This will provide you with a safe supply of electricity to restore the energy of your car’s battery.

But the price can vary depending on the type of battery charger you want and the voltage of the battery you want to recharge (which usually is 12V).

You can recharge your car battery slowly using a trickle charger on an unused battery to maintain a maximum level of energy (also called maintainers), or you can recharge your car battery faster using a standard or jump-start charger on a battery that’s depleted of energy.

The cost of each type of battery charger can vary depending on model, retailer, if it’s smart or manual, size, and other features like a built-in tester, a timer, different charging modes, and such.

Now, usually a shelf-model trickle charger cost around $20 to $60, but it can be less if you buy a non “smart” model of charger that needs to be manually disconnected when the battery is recharger to protect your battery from damage (smart charges do it automatically).

And typically, a shelf-model standard charger costs around $30 to $100, which will recharge a depleted 12V battery.

Top Retailers/Brands and Costs

Retailer and/or Brand Price Range (all types)
PepBoys $34 to $135
Kmart $35 to $500+
AutoZone $25 to $424
Walmart $30 to $160
Amazon $25 to $500+

Things to Consider

Before Buying:

  1. First, make sure your battery is discharged and not dead. A battery charger won’t work on a dead battery because they are unable to charge, which is usually because of the battery’s old age.
  2. Think about which type of charger and charging speed are the best for you. Something to keep and maintain your battery charged? Or something that can do the job fast and when needed?
  3. Look at reviews of different car battery chargers on the internet. The ForbesWheels has good reviews of many different types of chargers you can look into.

When Buying: 

  1. Knowing the difference between battery chargers and choosing the right one for you is important, but make sure to check on the vehicle’s owner manual, as it can specify what type of charger to use with that specific car battery.
  2. Remember that the price can go up depending on the more features the car battery charger has.

After Buying:

  1. Battery chargers usually come with an instruction manual, and usually, they also include two cables with clips (black for negative and red for positive). You can read the manual to understand how to use it safely or check this website and also this video on how to do it.
  2. Make sure to keep in mind the age of your car’s battery because at some point the charger won’t work anymore on it due to its old age.
Giovanna Soto