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How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

$ Costco Car Battery $88 to $150 $ $ Sams Club Battery $80 to $170 $ $ $ Sears Battery $80 to $300

As a car owner myself, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting into your car and trying to turn it on to realize the battery is dead.

But telling the truth, this is actually a possibility that can happen anytime, and if your battery has more than 4 years then maybe you should start thinking about it too.

How to Choose the Perfect Car Battery?

With a car battery it all depends; depends on the type, brand, and model of the car you own, and it also depends on the brand and the type of battery you want to buy (regulars or premium).

A regular battery can typically be between $50 to $130; but if you want to spend a bit more to buy a premium battery with a longer lifespan and warranty, that can cost up to $250.

There are many retailers where you can get your new battery, and the car battery market has a lot of options to choose from.

The most popular retailers are well-known big names like Walmart, Sears, AutoZone, Kmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco.

You just need to check them out to see which one adapts better to your needs and range price.

Top Retailers/Brands and Costs

Retailer and/or Brand Price Range
Autozone Battery $90 to $180
Costco Car Battery $88 to $150
Kmart Battery $80 to $155
Sams Club Battery $80 to $170
Sears Battery $80 to $300
Walmart Battery $75 to $250

Things to Consider

Every car owner should consider certain things when thinking about buying a battery replacement for their car.

Before Buying:

  1. You have to make sure the battery needs to be replaced. Some batteries just need to be recharged, and this is a simpler (and free) procedure at most auto parts stores or car repair shops.
  2. Look at the warranty of your battery. Usually, they have a total warranty period and a free-replacement period from three months up to three years (always depending on the type of battery).
  3. Don’t even think about purchasing used batteries for saving purposes. They will have a shorter lifespan and will not work the same, so the saving is not worth it.

When Buying:

  1. The new battery needs to match your car manufacturer’s specifications perfectly. You have to make sure the size and capacity are enough for your type and model of vehicle. Retailers know what type of battery will typically work for your car depending on the vehicle make and model, but you can always look into it yourself here or using this guide.
  2. Do your homework and investigate different retailers so you can see all the options they offer, and which one matches better with what you need and your budget. The reputation of each car battery brand and retailer is important!
  3. Try to choose a car battery that has a relatively long total warranty period just in case there’s a problem with it and the battery replacement fails. This way you are protecting your investment.

After Buying:

  1. After you buy your car battery then the installation is the next step. Some stores will charge extra for installing your new battery, but there are also some that will install it for free when you buy the car battery with them (typically big name auto parts retailers), which can cost from $10 up to $50. Car dealerships tend to be the most expensive option for the installation of a new car battery, with prices going from $90 up to $300.
  2. If you are a DIY lover and you want to go for a cheaper do-it-yourself installation process, then you can look online for the tutorial. This is typically an easy process if your car battery is not located in a difficult part to reach inside your car. Some pages like this offer a step-by-step process.
  3. There are some auto parts retailers (typically the big-name ones) that install your battery for free if you give them your old battery. All of this with recycling purposes, a win-win for everyone (even the environment). This is also a good and easy way to dispose of your battery.
  4. After all this car battery issue is solved, it might be a good idea to keep a car battery charger in your car, just in case your battery fails again.
  5. Some people think that having an extra car battery is the best option but if you don’t give it use and just leave it grabbing dust at home or in your trunk, it may fail when you most need it.
Giovanna Soto