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How Much Does a Dog Training Cost?

$ Group Dog Training: $35 - $180 $ $ Private Dog Training: $50 - $265 $ $ $ Specialized Dog Training: $120 - $300

Getting a dog, whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog, it’s always a wonderful and exciting experience.

You think about all the positive ways that dog is going to impact your life, how adorable he or she is going to be, and how much love and care you’ll give it back.

Yet it’s not just about feeding the dog and taking it to the vet.

You must ensure that your dog has the best life it can have, that it will have a good and healthy relationship with you, your family, strangers, and other dogs as well.

One way to guarantee that is by training your dog.

Should I Train My Dog?

You should definitely train your dog.

Training will provide your dog with the necessary tools to have a great life with its surroundings.

Let’s face it, you don’t want a wild animal living in your house!

Dogs need rules and routines to learn how to behave, to learn what’s acceptable and what’s not.

It’s not only the way your dog should behave in your house, but also how he or she behaves with strangers and with other dogs outdoors.

You can’t have a dog that’s not potty trained, that jumps to every new person it meets, destroys everything, or becomes aggressive with other dogs.

Those are some of the things that training addresses.

When Can I Start Training My Dog?

Although it’s usually better to start training dogs when they are still puppies -at least 8 weeks old-, there is no rule about it.

Training a puppy is normally faster than training older dogs, but regardless of what the idiom says, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Experts also advise people to continue training dogs when they get older.

Senior dogs need not only their bodies in shape but also their minds.

Training stimulates the mind, so it’ll help to keep your dog healthier and more present as it gets older.

Remember that your dog will probably need more time to learn new things, but he or she will get there.

How Often Should Training Be?

You might think that the more training sessions a week, the better, but research shows that this frequency doesn’t help your dog to learn faster.

Having one or two sessions a week it’s more than enough for your dog to learn what you want to teach it.

It’s also important to give your dog breaks during training sessions.

Dogs can become easily distracted and will need small breaks to help them keep learning.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

The cost of training a dog depends on mostly three things: your dog’s age, the kind of training you want for your dog, and whether it’s private or group training.

Dog’s Age

Some trainers charge according to the dog’s age.

Puppy training could be cheaper since they tend to learn faster. Juvenile dogs -around 6 months old-, are generally more difficult to train, so the price could go up, as with older dogs.

Type Of Dog Training

There’s basic training for dogs, aggressive behavior mitigation, anxiety, service, and therapy training.

As you can imagine, specialized training will be more expensive than regular or basic training.

These specific types of training could cost from $120 to $300 an hour.

Private Dog Training

This means that the trainer will focus only on your dog, so the training is personalized and will be according to your dog’s needs.

This training costs an average of $50 to $265 per class.

Group Dog Training

It’s the cheapest option because there’s a group of different dogs with only one trainer.

These are small groups, though, so your dog will still learn and as a plus, it will have other dogs right there to practice its social skills.

Group training costs an average of $35 to $180 per class.

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