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How Much Does a Dog Crate Cost?

$ Wire Dog Crates: $35 - $80 $ $ Soft & Plastic Dog Crates: $20 - $200 $ $ $ Wood & Heavy-Duty Dog Crates: $100 - $400

A dog crate is a space designed to provide your dog with a safe place inside your house, unlike regular dog houses.

Most dog crates are easily folded and can be a great device to transport your dog or move around the house.

There has been a fair amount of controversy about using dog crates since some people believe it’s inhumane.

Let’s discuss the benefits of using a dog crate, the different types available, and how much they cost.

Should I Buy A Dog Crate?

Experts advise using dog crates for two reasons: to train your dog and to give him or her a safe area in your house.

Training Your Dog

If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, you can use a dog crate to train it.

The dog will learn how to get in the crate and stay there for short periods, therefore learning how to control its bowels.

This is generally a slow process since you need to make the crate a place where your dog wants to be.

You can start using treats or toys to help your dog get in the crate, as well as sitting down on the floor next to it while he or she’s inside the crate.

This will make your dog feel comfortable.

This can be applied to older dogs too, like rescued dogs that need to be trained when they are first adopted.

Haven For Your Dog

The second reason why dog crates are recommended is to give your dog a secure and quiet place in your home.

Put the crate in a spot in your house where your dog can be calmed.

The idea is also for him or her to feel safe enough to sleep in during the night or take naps.

Make the crate nice and cozy: put a blanket or a bed big enough for your dog to rest.

Some toys or maybe even a small dog food dispenser could also be in there, so your dog associates the crate with rewarding experiences.

Which Type Of Dog Crate Should I Buy?

There are 5 types of dog crates, depending on what you’re looking for, the size, and the characteristics of your dog.

Soft Dog Crates

These are made of soft materials or fabrics, like polyester.

They’re washable, easy to fold and carry, and they come with mesh doors to provide ventilation.

Although they come in different sizes, these soft crates are usually better for smaller dogs.

You can find these crates from $18 to $200, depending on the size, features, and materials.

Plastic Dog Crates

Commonly known as travel crates because they’re the ones most people use -and airlines require- to travel by plane with their dogs.

They’re made of hard plastic, have a wire metal door for your dog, a handle on the top, ventilation on the sides and top, and some can even have wheels to transport it.

Plastic dog crates come in all sizes, but their structure is fixed, so you won’t be able to fold or store them.

They can cost between $22 to $165.

Wire Dog Crates

Wire dog crates are made of metal and have a plastic tray on the bottom, where you can put a bed, cushion, or blanket for your dog.

They also come in different sizes for any type of dog, and some have panels to adjust to the size of your dog, so you won’t have to buy another one when your puppy gets older.

These are well ventilated and are completely foldable.

Their usual price goes from $35 to $80.

Wood Dog Crates

These dog crates are made mostly of wood, and some have metal doors or ventilation panels.

They’re designed to go with the furniture in your house and are not foldable nor easy to transport.

Wood dog crates can cost between $100 to $270.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

These are meant for larger dogs, but they’re still meant to use indoors.

They’re mostly made of steel, have wheels on the bottom to transport them, and have a lot of ventilation, as well.

But as the name suggests, heavy-duty crates aren’t easy to fold and store, and even with wheels, they will be heavy and difficult to move around the house.

These, like wood crates, are also quite expensive, going from $180 to $400.



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