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How Much Does a Dog Kennel Cost?

$ Wire Dog Kennels: $250 - $900 $ $ Wood Dog Kennels: $3K - $5K $ $ $ Vinyl Dog Kennels: $3,5K - $5,5K

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘dog kennel’?

It could be something like a dog crate or even a doghouse.

You could also be thinking about the place where you can take your dog if you’re going on a trip and you can’t take your dog with you, like dog boarding.

‘Dog Kennel’ also refers to a larger house-like structure that goes outside your house, in the yard.

It’s not just a doghouse that you can leave outdoors.

A dog kennel is almost like a private refuge for your dog or dogs, depending on how many you have.

Let’s check what dog kennels are according to that final definition, what are the benefits of using them, and how much they cost.

So, What Is A Dog Kennel?

A dog kennel is a solid structure that can be made of wire, wood, or vinyl, has a roof and a door.

The ones made with wood or vinyl also have open space -no solid walls- that’s protected with a roof and with a concrete or wood floor.

The walls of this open area are made of wire, as well as the door.

This allows your dog to get fresh air and exercise, whereas the other part -solid walls with windows, and a small door for your dog-, provides your dog with refuge or a safe place when it needs it.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dog Kennel?

Just as it happens with dog crates, there’s a heated debate on whether dog kennels are a good option for dogs.

On one side, some people believe that you should never put a dog in a closed space alone, no matter how big the space is.

Dogs are meant to be free and stay close to their owners, so they should be indoors for most of their time.

And on the other side, there are the ones that believe that it is good for a dog to have its place, his or her private refuge to rest, relax while still being outdoors.

The dog can be outside but without the dangers that this entails.

Veterinarians and dog trainers do think it’s a good idea to let the dog have a place on its own, where he or she will feel safe and where it can take a nap or spend the night if necessary.

The dog should only spend short periods in there, or spend the night if the owner can’t come home for any reason.

Yet in this case, it should be the exception.

Should I Buy A Dog Kennel?

This will depend on your dog’s breed and the size of your yard.

There are dog breeds that need to spend most of their time outdoors, like working breeds or hunting breeds.

They need to be constantly active because they have high energy levels.

A couple of walks during the day might not be enough for them, so a dog kennel could be a good choice.

Your dog can stay outdoors, have enough space to be active while also being secure, with a roof and structure to protect him or her from other animals, fleas, and the weather.

If your dog feels tired, it can go to the other side of the kennel and rest there without any disturbance.

The size of your yard is important because dog kennels are quite large, so you’ll need a big space to put it, even if it’s only for one dog.

Which One Should I Buy?

There are mainly 2 types of dog kennels available:

Wire Dog Kennels

These have all sides made of wire, so they have a lot of ventilation.

They usually come with a polyethylene roof.

These are easy to assemble and move, but they won’t give your dog a lot of protection.

Wire Dog Kennels can cost from $250 to $900, depending on the size.

Wood Or Vinyl Dog Kennels

These dog kennels share the same basic design that we previously mentioned.

The open area with wire walls and door, and the area that’s like a small house for your dog to be safe: solid walls, the same roof as the open area, windows, a dog door, and an adult door in the back.

Wood dog kennels cost from $3,000 to $5,000, while vinyl dog kennels tend to be a little bit more expensive, going from $3,500 to $5,500.

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