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How Much Does a Door Lock Repair Cost?

$ DIY: $10 - $350+ (parts). $ $ Auto Repair Shops: $50 - $200 (parts+labor). $ $ $ Dealerships: $200 - $600 (parts+labor).

Car owners can agree on one thing, they feel safe when leaving their car and hearing the doors lock behind them.

Door locks are part of any vehicle’s security and anti-thieving system, and every modern car has it, so it’s understandable for car owners to get worried when one of the doors is not locking up properly (or all of them).

What Types Of Car Door Locks Exist?

Nowadays, vehicles can have multiple types of lock systems, but with a common goal; these lock systems are:

  • Manual locks: These look like a knob near the window or a switch near the inner door handle, and they serve to operate the lock system manually.
  • Automatic locks: These use a power door central locking system, and they look like buttons or switches located on the driver-side window. They can close all doors or just one door by activating them.
  • Remote keyless systems: These use remote technology to lock or unlock the vehicle, using a radio transmitter located inside the car. Key fobs are part of the remote systems.
  • Child locks: These are specially made for rear doors to prevent children from opening the doors from the inside, making them only able to open from the outside. It’s usually located on the door and can’t be reached once it’s closed.

What Parts Made Up The Door Lock System?

Typically, car door lock systems consist of these parts:

  • Door handle and knob.
  • Latch.
  • Metal control rods.
  • Actuator (or solenoid).

All these parts work together to form the door’s lock system that makes the vehicle’s doors lock and unlock at your will; here’s a video showing how they work together to lock/unlock car doors.

If any of these parts have any issue, damage, or malfunction, the door lock system will be compromised.

But an issue with the parts is not the only reason a door lock system isn’t working properly; a dead battery can cause malfunctioning of the lock system of the vehicle, as well as a dead key fob battery.

Time and constant use cause wear on the parts, and usually, the actuator is at fault for door lock malfunctioning; the actuator is the main electrical component that powers door locks.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Malfunctioning Car Door Lock?

Depending on what’s the origin of the malfunction, the symptoms can vary, but typically you will notice these problems:

  • The power locks stop working.
  • The power locks react intermittently.
  • Unusual noises coming from the door when locking or unlocking.
  • The locks start to lock and unlock by themselves.
  • The car alarm goes off randomly.
  • Doors have to be forced to close successfully
  • The doors will not open

What Affects The Costs Of Door Lock Repairing?

Any of the components of car door locks can get damaged by wear over time or exposure to dirt or water, so the repairing costs will always depend on the work to do, the parts that need repair or replacement, where you take your car for repair, and the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Repairing a power door lock at auto repair shops or body shops usually costs $50 to $200; dealerships typically are more expensive, and the costs can go from $200 to $600.

Locksmiths are also an option when car doors don’t want to work properly, and some of them even provide a service that goes to your location; locksmiths can charge from $45 to $250 or more, always depending on the damage and parts to change.

To save in labor costs, DIY experts can repair or replace some parts of a damaged power door lock by buying the parts, which can cost $10 to $350 or more, depending on different factors that affect the price like the year and model of the vehicle.

Depending on the damaged parts and the type of power door lock your car has, some parts could be replaced individually, like the actuator; OEM (original equipment manufacturer) auto parts will always be more expensive than aftermarket auto parts.

Part Price Range (Aftermarket and OEM)
Door Lock Cylinder $10 – $350
Door Lock Assembly $30 – $750
Door Lock Knobs/Switches $3 – $20
Power Door Lock Actuator $30 – $1000

Top Companies

You can get door locks repaired at auto repair shops like Firestone, auto body shops, dealerships, and auto locksmiths like Locksmith USA, High Tech Locksmiths, and United Locksmith. breaks up how much they estimate the replacement of a car door lock actuator for various cars, including parts and labor.

Cars Actuator Replacement Average Price Parts Cost Labor Costs
2006 Buick Allure $396 $224.73 $170.98
2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty $252 $81.47 $170.98
2012 Lexus IS350 $497 $326.38 $170.98
2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG $602 $431.43 $170.98

 Things to Consider

Before Buying:

  1. Determining why the door locks are not functioning is the first thing to do when you start having problems with any of them. As mentioned before, car batteries and key fob/remote can cause car door locks to malfunction, so you should check them out first.
  2. If the cause of the malfunction comes from the door lock system, then it should be checked out and repaired or replaced, depending on the case.

When Buying: 

  1. Professionals in charge of repairing the door lock system of your car doors will have to open up the door panel to access it.
  2. Depending on what’s damaged, the time for repair can vary, but repairing door locks is a very straightforward process for all vehicles that shouldn’t take long.
  3. DIY is always a good option for those handy car owners that want to save on labor costs. Here’s a video that shows you how to repair a door lock by yourself.

After Buying:

  1. It’s necessary to try the door locks after repairing any of them or replacing parts for a few days to see if all door locks work properly together.
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