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How Much Do Pet Fountains Cost?

$ Plastic Pet Fountains: $18 - $70 $ $ Stainless Steel Pet Fountains: $30 - $70 $ $ $ Ceramic Pet Fountains: $35 - $90

Water, as we know, is what allows all kinds of organisms to live and thrive on our planet.

We need it in order to survive and maintain good health, and our beloved pets do too.

As pet parents, we must provide a constant supply of water to keep our pets hydrated and healthy.

The traditional way of doing this has been to put water in a bowl or small dish, but nowadays, there are other available options, such as pet fountains.

Let’s review some of the basic information about these devices and how much they cost.

What Is a Pet Fountain?

A pet fountain is a small water fountain specially designed for your pet to drink from.

It comes with a small, motorized pump and filters, so the water is continuously flowing.

This helps to keep the water fresh and clean.

Pet fountains are mostly used for dogs and particularly cats.

Cats are apparently more drawn to the sound of running water and having a water fountain could be a great option to keep them hydrated.

Types of Pet Fountains

There are mainly three types of pet fountains according to the materials used: plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic.

Plastic Pet Fountains

These fountains are lighter and made of BPA-free plastic, which means that dangerous chemicals were not used in the manufacturing process of those plastics.

They generally come in different colors and shapes.

Stainless Steel Pet Fountains

Stainless steel is always a great material to use in household items because it’s resistant to corrosion, it’s hygienic, and usually lasts longer than other materials.

They also combine with everything, so you don’t have to worry about getting a specific color to match your home decoration.

Ceramic Pet Fountains

On the contrary, these fountains are much more delicate and fragile than plastic and stainless steel.

But they can also match perfectly well with your home, they are hygienic and can come in numerous colors and designs.

Ceramic pet fountains might not be the best option for clumsy or rowdy pets, though.

Should I Buy a Pet Fountain?

There are some advantages and disadvantages of using pet fountains.

Let’s review these next.


Pet fountains will help your pet stay well hydrated by encouraging them to drink more water.

The sound of running water attracts your pet and reminds them to drink water, especially cats, who generally have a lower thirst drive than dogs.

Pet fountains keep the water fresh and clean, as opposed to regular water bowls.

In these, the water remains still, and it can have smells or tastes that don’t attract your pets.

The constant movement of the water in pet fountains also helps to keep the water at cooler temperatures than in water bowls, which is a great advantage when there’s hot weather.

You will have to refill the fountain less than you would with a bowl since those have a larger capacity.


Because pet fountains are motorized, they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order for them to work, which could limit the places where you can install them.

Some come with batteries but that can also be inconvenient for some pet parents.

You will have to change the filters from time to time, and in the long term, maybe even the small, motorized pump.

For some people, the sound of running water can be calming and relaxing, but some pet fountains might be too loud or annoying.

In general, you will spend more money on a water fountain than using a regular water bowl.

How Much Do Pet Fountains Cost?

The cost of a pet fountain depends mostly on the materials used, the design, size, and any other features it might have.

Plastic pet fountains cost from $18 to $70.

Stainless steel pet fountains cost from $30 and $70.

Ceramic pet fountains can cost between $35 and $90.

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