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How Much Does Replacing a Water Pump Cost?

$ Water Pump: $50-$100+ (just parts) $ $ Labor Costs: $200-$450 total $ $ $ Professional Replacement: $300-$750+

Many car owners have heard about the water pump for sure, and the thing is that the water pump is an essential part of the cooling system of all vehicles.

The water pump’s job is to push coolant throughout the engine, so your engine will overheat for sure if it wasn’t for it.

That’s why it is so important to follow your car’s service schedule and replace the water pump at the recommended time.

How Does A Water Pump Work?

The water pump is located at the front of the engine, and it’s driven by a timing belt or timing chain.

When the engine is running, the timing belt or timing chain rotates, making the water pump function.

Then, the water pump makes the coolant circulates throughout the engine.

The coolant then absorbs the heat and takes it out of the engine to the radiator, maintaining optimum temperatures.

Here’s a video by Schaeffler that shows how water pumps work.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Water Pump?

Usually, water pumps need to be replaced at 70,000 – 100,000 miles, but they are often replaced simultaneously with the timing belt or timing chain.

But if the water pump breaks or fails before expected, there are several signs that will tell you the water pump is bad:

  • Leaking of Coolant
  • Squealing Noise
  • Water Pump’s Axle lose
  • Overheating Engine
  • White Smoke From The Radiator
  • Unstable engine temperature

This article made by Mechanic Base explains more details about these signs of a bad water pump.

What Affects The Replacement Costs Of A Water Pump?

Many factors affect the final costs of replacing a water pump, like the make and model of your car, labor costs, where you take your car for service, and especially the quality of the water pump replacement part you want.

Aftermarket parts are cheaper, but they usually don’t last more than 30,000 miles, unlike OEM parts that cost more but are guaranteed to last more.

The professional replacement of a water pump can cost $300-$750 or more; dealerships tend to charge more for the job.

Typically, just the water pump replacement part can cost from $50 to $100 or more.

And labor cost for hiring a professional mechanic to replace the old water pump for the new one can cost $200 to $450 in total, taking a rate of $80 to $110 per hour; this job usually takes up to 3 hours.

Top Companies

You can get your water pump replaced at dealerships and auto repair shops like Napa Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

And water pumps are available (just parts) in online retailers like Amazon,, Auto Parts Warehouse, and AutoZone.

According to Mechanic Base, the following table shows a comparison between water pump replacement prices by car model and year:

Car Model Part Cost Labor Cost Total Cost
Ford F-150 $150 $250 $400
Honda CR-V $150 $200 $350
Chevrolet Silverado $250 $200 $450
Ram 1500/2500/3500 $200 $250 $450
Toyota RAV4 $400 $350 $750
Toyota Camry $150 $300 $450

Things To Consider

Before Buying

  1. First, if you experience some of the symptoms of a bad water pump, you need to check if it’s working and circulating properly. Here’s a video made by OldSkool Tried & Tested that shows you how to check it.
  2. After making sure is the water pump the one making trouble, it is the moment to check auto repair shops near you. Check what’s included in their services and if they include the coolant replacement within the final price for a water pump replacement service.
  3. If you buy the parts yourself, make sure the water pump matches the one you have inside your car.

When Buying

  1. The mechanic must drain the coolant to replace the water pump, and the timing belt also needs to be removed. Everything that blocks access to the water pump needs to be removed.
  2. To save costs, some DIY experts can try to replace the water pump themselves, although it is a difficult task due to all that needs to be removed to access the water pump. Here’s a video made by Chris Fix that shows how to replace a water pump.

After Buying

  1. After replacing the water pump, you must replace the coolant that was drained with new coolant, which can increase the final costs.
  2. Usually, the water pump is replaced when the timing belt or timing chain needs replacement. So, if you are replacing the water pump, you should check the timing belt or timing chain because if they need to be replaced too, this can add another $100 to $800 or more to the final price.
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