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How Much Does a Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost?

$ Serpentine Belt Replacement: $10-$80+ (parts only) $ $ Labor Costs: $75-$120 per hour $ $ $ Professional Replacement: $85-300+ (parts and labor)

The serpentine belt is the first thing people see when they are going to check on the vehicle’s engine, winding through the front of it in a snake-like motion.

This belt is a vital component of any vehicle, as it’s in charge of making many of the car accessories work, like the alternator, the power steering pump, and the air conditioning compressor.

Sometimes, the serpentine belt is also in charge of the water pump, making people confuse it with the timing belt, but they are definitely not the same.

All these parts need to work together simultaneously for the vehicle to function correctly, which is the work of the serpentine belt.

Due to making all these accessories work, the serpentine belt is often called: power steering belt, fan belt, and alternator belt.

But it doesn’t matter what the serpentine belt it’s called because if it breaks, there will be a lot of problems and need to be replaced immediately.

How Long Does A Serpentine Belt Last?

Usually, a serpentine belt can last about 60,000 to 90,000 miles or five to seven years approximately, although some can even last up to 100,000 miles.

The recommended service interval for replacing your serpentine belt will be described in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

The serpentine belt commonly wears out due to the heat and frictions it is subject to every day, but there are cases where the serpentine belt can fail prematurely.

What Happens If The Serpentine Belt Breaks?

A serpentine belt could break before expected due to coolant leaks or the belt being exposed to oil, contaminant and debris, and a failing tensioner or drive pulleys.

But the amount of use you give your vehicle and the place you live, like freezing areas, also contribute to the serpentine belt’s rapid wear.

If the serpentine belt breaks due to any of the reasons mentioned above, this will lead to all the accessories that were functioning due to the serpentine belt stopping working, leading to significant problems and making you unable to drive your vehicle.

And, if this happens to you while driving, it could turn into a possibly dangerous situation,

What Are The Signs Of A Failing Window Motor?

If your serpentine belt starts to tear, there is not much time left until it breaks completely.

A broken timing belt can cause very specific signs; according to Midas, these signs are:

  • Chirping or squealing noises.
  • Vehicle system failure.
  • Overheating.
  • Visible wear on the serpentine belt.
  • Loose tension on the serpentine belt.

What Affects Replacement Costs Of A Window Motor?

The costs for replacing a serpentine belt can vary depending on many determining factors like the make and model of your vehicle, where you take your car for the job, labor costs, and if the replacement comes from an OEM or an aftermarket shop.

The prices for a serpentine belt replacement go from $10 to $80, and professional labor costs are usually around $75 to $120 per hour, taking no more than two hours to finish the job.

Then, the professional replacement of a serpentine belt, which includes parts and labor, can cost about $85 to $300 or more.

Top Companies

You can get your serpentine belt professionally replaced at car dealerships, independent repair shops, and national auto care chains like Midas and Pep Boys.

And you can get just the serpentine belt replacement part at online retailers like AutoZone, Amazon, NAPA, and Auto Parts Warehouse

The following comparison shows examples of price differences between some online retailers:

Company Type of Work Price Range
CarParts Parts $10 – $95
AutoZone Parts $6 – $90
NAPA Parts $10 – $90
Walmart Parts $8 – $80
Amazon Parts $6 – $75

Things To Consider

Before Buying

  1. First, if your serpentine belt it’s still working, check your owner’s manual to see when it’s the recommended time to replace the serpentine belt.
  2. If you are experiencing the signs of a broken serpentine belt, you need to check it out immediately.
  3. Check the auto repair shops near you and compare prices and what’s included in their service to see which one is the best option for you.
  4. Buying a new serpentine belt from online retailers and doing it yourself will always be cheaper than getting the complete job done at dealerships or any other auto repair shop.

When Buying

  1. Replacing the serpentine belt is a very straightforward job because it’s located at first sight when looking at the vehicle’s engine.
  2. This service can be done by people with DIY skills as it doesn’t have much difficulty. Here’s a video made by Humble Mechanic that shows how to replace a serpentine belt.
  3. Replacing the serpentine belt is a pretty quick job, and it shouldn’t take more than two hours.

After Buying

  1. If an accessory was damaged due to the broken serpentine belt, it must be replaced. Some kits include the serpentine belt with other parts, like a serpentine belt with a pulley kit. These kits can cost from $40 up to $350.
  2. If your serpentine belt breaks while driving, you could require your vehicle to be towed, which can cost more than $200.
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