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How Much Does an Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Cost?

$ $ AC Coil Cleaning: $125-$225 per coil $ $ $ Cleaning Both Coils: Up to $450

AC coils are important parts of an AC unit as they help transfer and absorb the heat from the air of a room into the refrigerant.

Without the coil, ACs can’t perform well and won’t be able to produce cool air, making the essential to the AC job.

Sometimes, the coils of an AC can get dirty due to a number of different reasons, which will lead to the AC not working properly and not transforming hot air into cool air, which means the AC coil needs to be cleaned.

When It’s Time To Clean An AC Coil?

The AC coils should be cleaned at least once a year to have an AC performing to the best of its capabilities.

AC coils can get dirty over time due to dust, pollen, and moisture, which will settle on the coil and if not cleaned, the ability of the coil to transfer the heat will decrease, and ultimately the coil will get damaged.

If you are located in an abnormally windy, dusty, or dirty environment where the coil can get in contact with more debris than it typically does, the time for cleaning the coils should be reduced.

What Problems Can Create A Dirty AC Coil?

According to, there are some problems that dirty coils can create, such as:

  • Ice buildup on coil.
  • Increased wear on the system (leading to damage and malfunctions).
  • Lowered cooling capacity.
  • Lowered heat transfer.
  • Higher energy consumption.
  • Higher temperatures and operating pressures.

What Are The Signs Of A Dirty Coil?

According to, there are some signs and symptoms that will tell you the coil of your AC is dirty and need cleaning:

  • Air Conditioning Loses Cooling Capacity.
  • Air Conditioning Runs Longer.
  • Coil Develops Frost During Operation.

What Affects The Price Of Cleaning An AC Coil?


The final price of cleaning an AC coil will depend on the number of coils that need cleaning, the professional and company performing the job, your location, the type of AC unit you have, and if the AC needs extra replacements.

Cleaning an AC coil can cost from $125 to $225 per coil.  

Typically, If both coils get cleaned in one service, the price shouldn’t higher than $450. 

Local HVAC companies typically have better deals and can charge from $59 to $159 to clean the coils.

Things to consider

Before Cleaning

  1. First, it’s important to know the signs of a dirty coil to identify if your coils need cleaning.
  2. Research different local HVAC professionals to ask for quotations on the job.
  3. For DIY-ers, there exist cleaning agent sprays for $15 on average that can be used to clean the coils. This video made by David Jones explains how to clean an AC coil.

When Cleaning

  1. If the dirt is too deep in the coil some parts of the AC will need to be disconnected to access the coil to remove the dirt which can increase the price, adding $300 to $450 more.
  2. During the cleaning, the technician will check the AC and coil for damage to see if it needs to be replaced.

After Cleaning

  1. Many times, when having the coil cleaned, the air filter will need to be replaced too. Replacing the air filter should cost less than $20.
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