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How Much Do Baby DVDs Cost?

$ DVDs With Classical Music: $7 - $10 $ $ DVDs For Basic Communication & For Improving Speech Development: $10 - $25 $ $ $ DVD Collections: $30 - $80

In the last few years, DVDs specifically created for babies have been the ultimate trend.

Parents want to start stimulating the intellect of their babies from an early stage, with the idea of giving them an advantage once their formal education begins.

But there has been some controversy about this kind of educational program for mainly two reasons: first, some have questioned how healthy it is for babies and young kids to spend time in front of a TV or any kind of screen; second, apparently, there aren’t enough scientific studies that prove that watching educational programs have a real benefit for babies, so it’s always better to do a small research on your own and learn about it before buying anything.

If you do decide to get baby DVDs, there are a lot of options to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for for your baby and, of course, your budget.

Let’s review some of the main categories you can find and their price range.

Baby DVDs With Classical Music

Listening to classical music has proven to have numerous benefits for your baby, like improving their language skills, their sleep schedule and overall sleep quality, their mental health, and even intellectual development (better known as the ‘Mozart Effect’).

The music should be soothing and relaxing, without too many instruments or vocals that could end up confusing the baby.

There’s no minimum age for babies to enjoy and benefit from classical music, so you can start playing these DVDs as soon as you want to.

They can cost between $7 to $10.

Baby DVDs For Basic Communication

These are DVDs that can help your baby to communicate with you on a basic level, that is, using sign language.

It’s advised to parents to start using sign language in the presence of their baby when they’re about six months old.

The typical age when babies learn to sign is between 8 to 12 months.

The baby will then learn basic concepts to communicate what they’re feeling, like being hungry, sleepy, or saying ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

These DVDs can cost from $10 to $15.

Baby DVDs For Improving Speech Development

These DVDs are generally focused on getting the baby to start making sounds that can help develop their general communication and speech.

Even though you can put these DVDs to your baby from an early age (3 months), they’ll probably get the most out of them after their first year or so, but this will also depend on what DVD you choose to buy and what you think it’s best for your baby.

Given that these are usually more technical and specialized, they tend to be a little bit more expensive, with prices between $20 to $25.

Baby DVD Collections

In this final category, we can find collections of several DVDs that are meant to enrich the education of your baby.

They compile different subjects (like the ones we’ve already discussed here) and some also provide educational activities for older kids, so you can use the DVDs throughout the years.

Because these collections have at least 3 or more DVDs, they’re more expensive than just getting one DVD.

They can cost from $30 to even $80, depending on the baby’s age, the program you choose, and how many DVDs the program has.

What About Streaming Services?

In case you no longer own a DVD player, or you prefer not to waste any space in your house with DVDs, there are also streaming services that have educational shows or series for babies and older kids.

These services usually cost around $7 to $20 a month, and you can also watch programs, movies, or shows for adults, so it could be a good idea if you’re on a tight budget.

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