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How Much Does Baby Proofing Cost?

$ $ Baby Proofing Your House Yourself: $7 - $55 $ $ $ Baby Proofing Services: $300 - $1500

Babies typically start to crawl when they’re 6-9 months old; after the ninth month, they start to pull themselves up to a standing position, and when they’re one year old, they will begin to try and walk by themselves, most of them accomplishing it by the time they’re 13 or 14 months old.

Although is one of the most exciting moments in your baby’s life -and in your life as a parent-, things can get a bit dangerous when the baby starts exploring their surroundings, touching everything, and wanting to hold onto things to stand up.

That’s why some experts recommend to baby-proof your house, or at least the rooms in your house where the baby will spend most of their time on the floor and practicing crawling and walking.

But is it necessary to baby-proof your house? What are the options? How much can babyproofing cost? We’ll try to answer these questions next.

Should I Baby Proof My House?

This will be determined by your house, the furniture you have, whether there are stairs or not, a pool outside, or any other factor that could become a hazard to your baby.

Baby-proofing will not only help to prevent the baby from getting gravely injured but could also be a way of giving the parents more freedom and time to do other things around the house.

However, you have to keep in mind that a baby will get hurt from time to time, it’s a natural learning process.

The idea here should be just to prevent a serious injury, not trying to keep them safe from everything; that’s just not possible.

There are basic things you can buy in stores or online to babyproof your house by yourself, or you could also call a baby proofing company.

Let’s talk about these two alternatives next.

Baby Proofing Your House Yourself

There are a lot of different devices that you can easily buy to babyproof your house, like cabinet locks, outlet covers, silicone edge protectors, toilet locks, retractable gates, to name a few.

The range price is between $10 to $55, the most expensive item being the retractable gates.

You can also find baby proofing kits, that have several of the gadgets we’ve already mentioned here, and these can cost around $7 to $35, depending on the number of pieces they include in the package.

The final price will vary according to the things in your house that need to be babyproofed and your perception as a parent.

The idea shouldn’t be to completely change your house if the baby is only going to be moving freely in a couple of rooms, so it’s something you should probably meditate and discuss with your partner first.

Baby Proofing Services

These are professional companies that will evaluate your house, telling you how risky it is for your baby, and give you a budget so they can do all the necessary installations to baby-proof your house.

As you can expect, this is going to be more expensive than doing the baby proofing yourself, but again, if you don’t have the time, don’t know where to start or if your house is just too big, you should consider giving these services a try.

You could also just ask for an evaluation ($50 to $100) and later do the baby proofing yourself if you’re on a tight budget.

If you go ahead and hire one of these companies, the usual price would be between $300 to $1500.

The price will be determined by how big your house is, how many windows, doors, and other elements should be baby-proofed.

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