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How Much Do Baby Swings Cost?

$ $ Medium-High: Basic Baby Swings $68 - $100 $ $ $ High: Baby Swing & Bouncer $120 - $250

Experts have called the first three months of a baby’s life, the fourth trimester: after spending so much time in the womb, babies do get a hard time adapting to live in a completely different environment.

This situation doesn’t affect just the baby, it also affects the parents who must adjust to the new dynamic in the family and to practically guess every need their baby has.

One of the things that have been proven to comfort babies when they’re feeling restless or uneasy, is the constant movement or rocking, just like they had when they were still in their mother’s womb.

The problem is that parents can’t spend all day rocking their babies in their arms, even if some parents try to!

An option to address this issue is getting a baby swing, so your baby can experience that same kind of movement and calm that they used to get before they were born.

But are they a good and, most importantly, safe option for your baby? Is a swing the same as a bouncer? And how much can you expect to pay for these?

Are Baby Swings Safe?

There has been some concern over the safety of baby swings.

Parents might be worried that the baby can harm themselves while on the swing or if they fall while the swing is in motion.

But baby swings come with a harness to keep the baby safe while using it, so it is recommended to always put the harness on, no matter how small or quiet the baby usually is.

At the same time, the motion of these swings is meant for babies, even newborns, so it’s supposed to be pretty slow and gentle, which translates into no sudden, violent movements that could end up hurting the baby.

Swings Vs Bouncers

They share the same basic principle: they provide constant, soothing movement for your baby.

Bouncers use the baby’s natural movements to work, whereas swings use a battery or are outlet powered, which can make them more difficult to transport or move around the house.

That’s the main advantage of using baby bouncers: most of them are easy to fold and carry around with you.

But baby swings tend to give you and your baby more independence, something that parents do need in those first few months after the baby is born.

And the constant movement will help the baby stay calm and maybe even help them fall asleep without too much effort.

Choosing either one will depend on the features of your house, lifestyle, your preferences as a parent, and how much you are willing to spend.

Or, there’s even the option of not having to decide anything and just going for one that has the best of the two: a baby swing that you can adapt and convert as a baby bouncer.

How Much Do They Cost?

Baby bouncers generally cost less than baby swings, since they don’t use any sort of power to move, only the baby’s own movement.

They can come with extra traits, like mobiles with figures or toys, or even music.

The most expensive ones are those that can also fold completely, so parents can carry them like a bag.

The price range for baby bouncers is between $35 to $200.

The price of a baby swing will vary according to the characteristics and extra gadgets it might have.

The basic ones, cost between $68 to $100, while the ones that can move side to side/front to back, have Bluetooth, mobiles, music, and can also adapt as a baby bouncer, as we mentioned earlier, are usually in the $120-$250 price range.

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