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How Much Do Bassinets Cost?

$ Traditional Bassinets: $55 - $120 $ $ Crib And Bassinet In One: $110 - $250 $ $ $ Smart Bassinets: $180 - $300

Bassinets are like a small bed resembling a basket that is generally portable.

The most traditional ones are made with wicker, but nowadays almost all of them are made with plastic.

They are meant to be a convenient device for parents to carry their babies while they’re asleep or if the parents are out of the house and need a place to put the baby to rest.

Bassinets are perfect for newborn babies since they’re small and easy for parents to carry around.

They usually come with a weight limit, since older and bigger babies will eventually start to move around (this happens between the third and fifth month), therefore not making the bassinets safe for them.

So, does every parent need a bassinet for their baby? How much do they cost? Are they worth it? We’ll review these questions next.

Do I Need A Bassinet For My Baby?

As we said before, bassinets only last for a few months so they do have a very small useful life.

However, they can come in handy when parents have a very active lifestyle, and they don’t or can’t leave the baby with anybody else.

This way, you can carry your baby practically anywhere you want to without having them on your arms, attached to you, or on a baby stroller (with most of the strollers not being that easy to handle).

And if you plan to have more than one child, it will ultimately be of great help for the whole family, so it could be a good investment.

Types Of Bassinets

After checking several stores, we can classify bassinets into three categories: traditional bassinets, crib and bassinet in one, and smart bassinets.

Traditional Bassinets

The most traditional bassinets are made with wicker, and some can have a couple of handles so you can pick them up and carry them with you anywhere you go with your baby (like a simple Moses basket).

Next, you can find the plastic ones that are basically the same as the wicker ones but more modern, with mobiles, toys and they can come in different colors.

Traditional bassinets can cost between $55 to $120.

Crib And Bassinet In One

As the name says, these are a combination of a crib and a bassinet in one device.

You can detach the regular bassinet once the baby is bigger and older and have a regular size crib for your baby to keep using.

Some of these bassinets have the option to lower one side of it, so parents can put it next to their bed and easily reach the baby whenever it’s necessary (sometimes called ‘bedside sleeper’).

Most of them come with extra storage space on the bottom or sides, mobiles for the baby to see and play with, adjustable positions and some can even have a mosquito net on the top to keep your baby safe outdoors.

Parents can expect to pay between $110 to $250 for these special bassinets, depending on the size and features they choose.

Smart Bassinets

These bassinets are a combination of a bassinet and a smart or luxury baby swing since they can detect if the baby is crying or restless.

If they detect this, they can vibrate, gently move at different speeds, play soothing sounds and songs to calm the baby down.

Parents are still able to detach the bassinet from the base, but these smart bassinets are usually bigger and heavier than the traditional ones.

They can also have mobiles for the baby and extra storage space in the base area, so parents can keep whatever the baby needs there.

Smart bassinets cost from $180 to $300.

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