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How Much Does a Breast Pump Cost?

$ Manual Breast Pumps: $12 - $30 $ $ Battery Breast Pumps: $22 - $70 $ $ $ Electrical Breast Pumps: $35 - $200

Breastfeeding has proven to have multiple benefits for both the mom and the child: breast milk contains antibodies that help the baby to prevent infectious diseases, it lowers the risk of asthma, type 1 diabetes, obesity, ear, and gastrointestinal infections, as well as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The benefits for the mom are lower cases of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, ovarian and breast cancer, and can also help with overweight, since breastfeeding it’s supposed to burn around 500 calories.

Experts recommend breastfeeding a baby at least during the first 6 months of life, so they can have natural nutrition and at the same time, develop a close bond with their mom.

However, breastfeeding can be difficult for some moms or babies, and it may never be possible for others, so breast pumps can be a great way to still provide milk to the baby and get all the benefits of the practice for both the mom and the baby.

We’ll now take a closer look at the cases where breast pumps are necessary or useful, the types of breast pumps, and how much you can expect to pay for these devices.

Do I Need To Use A Breast Pump?

Breast pumps are usually advised for mothers that can’t naturally breastfeed their baby; sometimes the baby doesn’t develop that reflex that allows them to be breastfed, or the mom has inverted or flat nipples that need some help before being able to breastfeed her baby.

At the same time, moms that can breastfeed their babies might also use breast pumps if the baby isn’t going to be with them all the time if they want to store some of their milk in the fridge to use later, or even if they want to start lactating again once they have stopped breastfeeding.

It could be a convenient way to solve different issues and keep you and your baby in great health. There are two types of breast pumps available, manual breast pumps and powered breast pumps.

Manual Breast Pumps

These are the most simple, easy to carry, and easy-to-use breast pumps.

They come with a small milk container, a breast shield, and a pump that creates a vacuum to express the milk.

This is a great choice if you don’t need to pump a lot of milk at a time.

Manual breast pumps can cost between $12 to $30, depending on the size of the milk container and the shape and material of the breast shield that covers the nipple.

Powered Breast Pumps

As you can already imagine, powered breast pumps are slightly more complex than manual pumps because they have a motor that pumps the milk for you.

They can use batteries or connect to a power outlet (either using a regular electrical cord or a USB cable).

These normally come with adjustable speed, so you can use the one that feels more comfortable for you, as well as with different designs and materials for the milk container and the breast shield, or even a remote control if you pick the wearable ones!

The battery-powered breast pumps can cost from $22 to $70.

The powered breast pumps that you connect using an electrical cord or a USB cable, will generally be more expensive.

The cost will be between $35 to $100.

These models are not so practical to carry, and most times come with a special bag and a double breast pump, so you can express milk from both breasts at the same time.

The price range here will be from $60 to $200, depending on the accessories they might have.

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