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How Much Does Buying A Cat Cost?

$ Adopting a Cat $25 - $300 $ $ Buying a Cat $200 - $600 $ $ $ Buying a Rare Breed or With Pedigree $5K - $125K

Having a pet can be one of the most delightful and fulfilling experiences in your life: you’ll not only have companionship, but you’ll also have somebody to look after.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came into our lives, more and more people have been getting pets, no matter the kind.

Isolation and lockdown have made us appreciate the small things in life and having a pet (or several!) can have multiple benefits for your mental and physical health.

One of the most beloved animals that have been keeping humankind company for thousands of years is the cat.

If you haven’t had one before -or if it’s been ages since the last time you had one- and you’re planning on getting one now, there are some things you should consider before bringing it home with you.

Is A Cat The Right Pet For Me?

Cats are usually known for being independent pets, at least more independent than dogs are.

Yet they have special needs that must be looked after if you want your new pet to live a healthy life.

Some cats can live until they’re 20 years of age, so you must be prepared for a long-term commitment.

Does your house have an outdoor space or enough indoor space to put a bed and a litter box?

Cats must have their own space to feel safe and secure.

Do you or your family have enough time during the day to take care of the cat’s needs?

Is it affordable to buy a cat?

Let’s review the options for getting a cat and their estimated cost.

Adopting A Cat

Adoption is one of the most popular choices nowadays since there are normally many abandoned cats that need a home.

You can adopt either a kitten or an older cat, depending on your preferences.

Most shelters or pet stores tend to take care of vaccines, deworming, and even spaying/neutering the cat before you take it home with you.

But you’ll still have to pay for an adoption fee, which can go from $25 to even $300, based on the cat’s breed, its health condition, and other expenses that the shelter had to assume.

These fees are usually lower than going to a veterinarian by yourself, so it could be a great way to save money, especially if the cat’s breed is not important to you.

Buying A Cat

The cost of buying a cat will vary according to the cat’s breed and whether it has a pedigree or not.

Most Affordable Breeds

Some of the most affordable cat breeds are the Ragdoll, the American and Oriental Shorthair, the Manx, and the Himalayan, going from $200 to $600.

Most Expensive Breeds

On the other hand, some of the most expensive cat breeds are the Ashera (can cost up to $125,000), the Savannah and the Bengal (up to $25,000), the Khao Manee (up to $11,000), and the Persian cat (up to $5,000).

You’ll also have to think about the extra costs that a particular breed might have, like common health conditions that will end up affecting how much you spend throughout the years.

Not Ready To Own A Cat?

If you’re still unsure about having a cat, how about starting to foster?

This could be a pleasant chance to experience what it is to have a cat without having to own one for the long term.

You’ll be providing a service for a shelter in your community and the cat until it gets adopted by another family.

The majority of shelters will give you some of the basic things you’ll need to have the cat at home, like bowls for water and food, nail clippers, food and litter (the litter box, too), and any medical expenses.

You’ll just have to worry about giving the cat a temporary home and enjoying its company.

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