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How Much Do Caesarstone Countertops Cost?

$ Installation: $125 per square foot $ $ Caesarstone Countertops: $50 - $150 per square foot $ $ $ Average Cost: $1,5K - $5,5K

Countertops tend to be one of the main elements in a kitchen.

These horizontal surfaces are generally used around the sink and stove, providing a cooking and cleaning area in the kitchen.

They can also be found on kitchen islands, depending on the style you prefer.

There have been several materials used in countertops in the last few decades, such as Formica, ceramic tile, granite, Corian, and in the last couple of decades, the most popular option has been quartz.

In the next few sections, we’ll discuss Caesarstone countertops, what they are made of, and how much you can expect to pay for these countertops.

What Is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a highly popular brand of quartz surface manufacturers.

They first started creating and installing their countertops in 1987, but they have become increasingly more popular because of the aesthetics, design, and quality of their countertops.

Its headquarters are located in Sdot Yam, Israel, with two manufacturing facilities there and one in Georgia, USA.

What Are Caesarstone Countertops?

Caesarstone specializes mainly in the creation of kitchen countertops, but they also offer several other quartz surfaces that can be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, outdoors, and restaurants or stores.

Given the versatility of the designs, various color patterns, and durability, these countertops can be utilized in a wide variety of settings.

This company uses natural quartz minerals and combines them with pigments and 7% of polymer resins to amalgamate these components and create a slab.

Then the slabs are heated in order to make them solid and durable.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Caesarstone Countertops?

As with any other material, either natural or man-made, Caesarstone countertops have advantages and disadvantages.


Caesarstone countertops are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee; the material is nonporous, which means that it’s easier to clean than natural stones and thus, more hygienic; they are scratch and heat resistant, although, for high temperatures, a trivet must be used; they come in a large variety of colors and designs; and lastly, they are easy to install by professionals.


Among the main disadvantages of Caesarstone countertops are that they are not completely resistant to high temperatures as natural stones such as granite or marble; they are not indestructible, and heavy or sharp objects might damage them; they are heavier than other countertop materials, which is why is recommended to only let professionals install them; and finally, they are expensive when compared with other popular materials, but this might depend on the style you choose, the quantity you required and the installation process.

What Is the Difference Between Caesarstone and Quartzite?

Caesarstone and quartzite have created confusion because they are both made of quartz.

However, Caesarstone is a man-made mix of quartz and other materials while quartzite is natural quartz that has been mined to create countertops or other surfaces.

The main difference, then, it’s how they are created.

One is created by men, the other by nature.

What Is the Difference Between Caesarstone and Granite?

Granite is another popular stone that has been used to create countertops in the last few decades.

It’s a natural stone, contrary to Caesarstone, and it does have numerous options in colors and styles, yet they can’t be customized as Caesarstone countertops.

How Much Do Caesarstone Countertops Cost?

The cost of Caesarstone countertops can vary according to several factors.

For instance, the style and colors you select, the size or quantity you need for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor area, as well as how difficult the installation is.

On average, you could pay from $50 to $150 per square foot, for Caesarstone countertops.

The installation of the countertop is another factor to consider.

Cut-outs for sinks and outlets, edge treatments, leveling, and the removal of an old countertop, are elements that add to the total cost of the installation.

The average cost is generally $125 per square foot, but it mostly depends on all the different services you might need.

In the end, you might be paying from $1,500 to $5,500 for a Caesarstone countertop.

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