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How Much Does a Dog Walker Cost?

$ Group Dog Walk: $10 - $25 $ $ Private Dog Walk: $20 - $60

Dogs are one of the most active pets you can find.

They need to exercise and socialize with humans and other dogs, as well.

A tired dog that has had all the physical activity it requires, won’t feel anxious, won’t destroy or chew things in your house, and will be healthier than a dog that doesn’t have this level of activity.

Yet for some pet owners, it can be difficult to find time throughout the day to walk their dog or take it to parks to run and play.

That’s why there are services like pet-sitting and dog walkers.

Let’s check the difference between these two, the benefits of hiring a dog walker and how much does it cost.

What’s The Difference Between A Pet Sitter And A Dog Walker?

Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is someone you hire to look after your dog for some time.

It could be hours or even for days, depending on your needs.

They can stay in your house, or they can take your dog to their house.

They will play with your dog, feed it, take it for walks and give any medicine or special attention your dog requires.

Dog Walker

A dog walker is someone whose main job is to take your dog for a walk, that’s it.

It’s usually from 30 minutes to an hour, once or several times a day.

They can come to your house and you can give them your dog or when there’s enough trust, you could give them your house key so they can come and get your dog whenever the walk is necessary.

This could be a great advantage for people who are busy during the day and their dog has high energy levels.

Why Should I Hire A Dog Walker?

The decision of hiring a dog walker is going to be determined by your dog’s breed, your dog’s age, and your daily schedule.

Your Dog’s Breed & Age

Breeds like Border Collie, Belgian Malinois, Boxer, Dalmatian, Russell Terrier, Golden, and Labrador Retriever need continuous exercise and playtime throughout the day.

When dogs are puppies or adolescents -around 6 months old-, they need more attention and exercise, if you don’t want your house turned into a mess and your dog full of energy when you come home.

Being with a dog walker will provide exercise but also attention from another human and the chance of being around other dogs.

After all, dogs are social animals, just like us, so they need to socialize to improve their wellbeing.

Your Schedule

Your daily schedule is also an aspect to consider when you’re thinking about hiring a dog walker.

If your time with your dog is limited because of work -at home or outside your home-, studies or any other activity that doesn’t allow you to give him or her the attention they need, then you should consider hiring a dog walker.

You can organize what days are better for you, so the dog walker can take your dog out while you’re busy and you can focus on your activities.

Your dog will be having a good time and you’ll feel better knowing that.

How Much Does A Dog Walker Cost?

As usual, the price varies according to the city where you live and the type of dog walker you hire.

If you want your dog in a group, the price could be cheaper, going from $10 to $25 per hour.

If you prefer your dog to be the only dog being walked, it can cost between $20 to $60.

Usually, dog walkers give discounts when you pay for several walks in advance, so it’s a good idea to ask first if you’re planning to hire her or him on a weekly or monthly basis.

Remember to ask your dog walker for certifications, experience, and insurance, so you’ll feel safer leaving your dog with them.


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