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How Much Does a Pet Cremation Cost?

$ Communal Pet Cremation: $30 - $150 $ $ Individual Pet Cremation: $50 - $200 $ $ $ Private Pet Cremation: $100 - $500

The death of a pet can be one of the hardest things to deal with for any pet owner.

It doesn’t matter what kind of pet it is or how long it was with us.

Their loss always has an impact on our lives, whether death occurs by accident, after a long disease, or even by natural causes.

It’s a difficult situation that we must face at a certain time, and even if it’s not a pleasant subject to think about it, it’s better to know what’s coming and to be prepared for it.

What Should I Do If My Pet Dies at Home?

If your pet has been battling for long with a terminal disease or if it’s just too old, it will likely die at home, with the company of its loved ones.

Give You and Your Family Time to Process What Happened

If you have children, this can be an opportunity to discuss death if you haven’t talked about it before.

If there are other pets in your home, allow them to smell the pet that passed away, so they can better understand it.

And, if it’s just you and your pet, give yourself some time to say goodbye to your beloved companion and to accept what happened.

It’s never easy, and it’s never just a pet.

They are part of our families and it’s ok to be sad and to feel their loss.

Put a Towel or a Blanket Under Your Pet

When death occurs, it’s normal for body fluids to be released.

Putting a blanket or towel will help you to keep proper hygiene in your house and avoid further problems.

Call Your Vet

If you haven’t made arrangements already, call your vet and ask for information about what options does he or she recommends.

They will know the best options and places to go.

End-of-life Services for Pets

The most common services to dispose of your pet’s remains are burial and cremation.

There is also the option of donating the body of your pet to science, which could be of great help to others as well.

Pet Burial

Some pet owners prefer to bury their pets in their backyards, but this is not an option for every owner.

You have to legally own the house you’re living in, and in some cases, it’s not legal to bury a pet in your backyard.

If your pet had to be euthanized or if it died of a contagious disease, it’s not possible to bury them because of the health risk they can pose for other animals.

There are pet cemeteries where your pet can be buried, and it will be a place where you and your family can go visit, which is something that can comfort people.

In these cases, you will have to make arrangements with the pet cemetery to organize the burial.

The cost of burying a pet depends on the size of the animal and the city where you live, as well as the stone or marker you choose.

Pet Cremation

Cremation is the process of incinerating your pet’s remains in a special chamber, where the temperature can reach 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the last few decades, cremation has become the most common option for the final disposition of pets.

It’s less expensive than burials and you still have the choice of getting their remains and keeping them with you, if that’s what you prefer.

The cost of cremation depends on the size and weight of the animal, and on the type of cremation you choose.

Communal cremation, where other pets are in the same chamber, costs from $30 to $150.

Individual cremation, where other pets are there but in separated chambers, costs from $50 to $200.

Private cremation, where only your pet is being cremated at a time, it’s the most expensive option, going from $100 to $500.

Pet Urns

The ashes, or cremains, are actually parts of bones that remain after the incineration is finished.

You can scatter them somewhere meaningful to you or you can keep them in your house to remember your pet.

If you prefer this option, there is a variety of pet urns you can purchase and personalize according to your preferences and budget.

Pet urns can cost between $20 and $150.

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