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How Much Do Brakes Cost?

$ Labor: $100 - $200 $ $ Parts: $300 - $650 (pad+rotor+caliper) $ $ $ Total Brake System: $130 - $1,000 (parts+labor)

One of the most important things car owners need to ensure is that their car has a good and functional brakes system.

The brakes are a key part of your car’s security system, and they should be well-taken care of.

Having good brakes is essential when you are going at maximum speed on the highway, but also when you are just driving through the neighborhood.

You feel safe because you think your brakes will stop your car at any moment but, if you don’t take care of them properly, the brakes won’t respond as well anymore; that’s why it is so necessary to check them out and perform maintenance services regularly.

What Types Of Break System Exist?

There exist four types of brake systems, which are: disc brakes, drum brakes, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and emergency brakes, each of them works in a different way to lower the speed of your vehicle, and this article explains each of them perfectly.

We can see the ABS brake system in most modern vehicles, but disc brakes are what we typically see on most cars.

What Are The Parts Of The Break System?

Referring to brakes, it’s important to know that it is made of different parts and components that have to work together to make the brake’s system function as it should.

The principal components of brakes are brake pads, brake rotors/discs, a brake caliper, and brake fluid; this video of Bendix explains these components more thoroughly and how they work together to make your vehicle stop.

Each of these components has to be in good condition and work together to let the brakes safely stop your vehicle; if any of them has any problem or is worn out or damaged, that could lead to a possible accident because the brakes won’t work properly.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace My Brakes?

There is not an exact answer to when it’s the best time to replace the brake system of a car because it all depends on driving habits, the environment, the quality of your brake pads, the age of your vehicle; although experts say brakes maintenance should be performed at 40,000 miles.

The important thing is to stop the signs of brake wear from appearing; these signs clearly tell the brake system needs to be checked and a component needs to be replaced (if not all).

TiresLesSchwab made an article that explains in much detail these signs that are mentioned next:

  • The brakes light on.
  • Squalling or squeaking noises.
  • Grinding sounds.
  • Vibration when braking.
  • Leaking fluids.
  • Soft brakes.
  • Car pulling to one side when braking.
  • Burning smell.

What Factors Affect The Price Of Replacing A Car’s Brakes?

The prices of changing and replacing your brake system will vary depending on many factors like the type of car you have (bigger cars have more specialized brake systems), the brand (expensive brands of vehicles charge more for their replacement parts), the quality and brand of the brake part you are replacing, and the labor, they all can make your final price go up.

A brake repair job can cost $130 to $1,000 depending on the factors we already mentioned above; basic brake repair should include the inspection and the pad’s replacement, but a more thorough job can include the inspection, the pad’s replacement, and also rotor’s replacement and pad resurfacing.

The parts you need to replace are a major factor that can affect your final price, and they will vary depending on the quality, what type of vehicle you have, and the brand.

It’s important to consider that labor costs are not included in the parts costs when you buy them, which can add $100 to $200 more, doubling the final price.

Component Parts (each)
Brake Pads $50 – $150
Rotors $200 – $400
Calipers $50 – $100

Top Companies

Before looking for a company, you have to go to the mechanic to see which part of the brakes needs to be fixed or replaced.

You can find them at car dealerships like Firestone, Jiffy Lube, and Spiffy, and auto repair shops like Pep Boys, Midas, and Meineke; car dealerships always tend to have higher prices than others.

Things to Consider

Before Buying:

  1. First, if you see your brakes are not working properly, you need to go to a mechanic to check the brake system and tell you its problem.
  2. After knowing what’s wrong with your car’s brake system and which parts need to be replaced, you can start looking for dealerships and retailers that offer the service.
  3. Make sure you look for the parts that fit your vehicle’s year, make, and model.
  4. The brand of the parts you buy and their quality will affect the final price.
  5. Buying the parts you need to replace and installing them yourself will lower your final price. Check out this video of how to replace your breaks DIY.

When Buying: 

  1. The process of replacing parts of the brake system includes: removing the wheels, inspecting all the pieces that form part of the brake system (brake pads, rotors, bearings, and calipers), replacing what’s damaged or worn out, and placing all back together. Here’s a video of how a brake job is done and how you can change the brake pads easily.
  2. The hub bearings need to be checked and replaced if needed when replacing the brake system.

After Buying:

  1. A professional brake job usually includes an after-road test to check the brake system condition.
  2. Additionally, you can perform a wheel balancing and wheel alignment after doing a brake service to make sure everything will work perfectly after doing it.
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