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How Much Does a Seat Cover Cost?

$ Universal seat covers: $10 - $70 each $ $ Semi-custom seat covers: $100 - $300 each $ $ $ Custom sea covers: $200 - $1,000

Car owners that like to keep their car neat and tidy should think of getting seat covers for it.

Seat covers are, as their name suggests, shields that cover the seats of your vehicle with the only purpose of protecting them from damage, dirt, fluids, and stains, preserving your car seats as if they were new.

Parents and pet owners’ cars are one of the most affected by mess, and they get many benefits from having seat covers as they are easy to clean.

Aside from protecting your car seats, they come in different shapes and colors, and you can even customize them to match your style and enhance your vehicle’s interior appearance.

What Type Of Seat Covers Exist?

Seat covers come in many shapes and sizes and come from many different brands and retailers, but you can usually divide them into three major types: Universal, Semi-Custom, and Customized.

Universal seat covers, as the name suggests, fit almost all types of car seats of general styles (bucket, high back, low back, high headrest, split-bench, etc.).

Semi-custom sear covers are slightly different from universal seat covers because these are mass-produced but follow a specific pattern designed to fit similarly-sized and styled seats of a particular range of vehicles.

And, custom seat covers are pre-ordered, meaning you have to measure your car seats and give more information to the manufacturer so they can fit a specific car seat.

Between these three types of seat covers, the quality of each type is different, and of course, when the quality is higher and the seat cover fits your car better (custom made), the price is higher.

Difference Between Prices

Universal seat covers can cost from $10 to $70 each, or $40-$150 for a packaged set (although some are made from high-end materials and can cost up to $200); they are very easy to slip onto the car seat, and they are also resistant but don’t fit perfectly on each car.

Semi-custom seat covers can cost from $100 to $300 each, or more per row; they tend to fit better your car as you need to provide some of your car measures but don’t compare to a custom fit, and you can choose from a diverse variety of materials like neoprene, nylon, leather, etc.

Custom sea covers can cost from $200 to $1,000 each or more per row; they are made from high-end materials and customized to fit your car like a glove, making them the most expensive out of the three types of seat covers.

With custom seat covers, you have to pre-order them to fit a specific seat style of a particular year, make, and model of vehicle, and you have a great variety of material types and styles to choose from and customize.

Top Companies

You can find and get universal and semi-custom seat covers at any auto accessory stores; auto parts stores like AutoZone, Walmart, Sears, and Costco; online retailers like Amazon; and other automotive departments.

Custom seat covers, as they are custom made, can be ordered through retailers like AutoZone or Costco; auto accessory specialists like AutoAnything or AutoAccessoriesGarage; or make the order directly from the manufacturer like Coverking or Shear Comfort.

Retailer Universal Seat Covers Price Range (each)
AutoZone $15 – $60
Walmart $10 – $40
Sears $10 – $300
Amazon $10 – $300

Things to Consider

Before Buying:

  1. You have to choose which type of seat cover you want to get for your car. This will affect your final price.
  2. Check the difference between brands and what they offer to choose the one that matches your needs better. Forbes Wheels made a list of the best car seat covers of 2021 that you should check out.
  3. For DIY lovers, it is possible to make a car seat cover on your own by paying just for the fabric. But this is a good idea for skilled people with fabric to make good-looking ones. Here’s a video on how to do them.

When Buying: 

  1. Take a look at your car and make a list of seat styles and location so when you choose the seat cover, it will match your vehicle. Take a look at this seat cover guide that can help you with this.

After Buying:

  1. An auto upholstery shop may charge $100-$800 or more to install customer-supplied custom seat covers; this may include adding batting or foam if needed, plus checking the springs and repairing them as needed.
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