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How Much Does an RV Rental Cost?

$ Class B RV: $100-$350 a night $ $ Class C RV: $150-$400 a night $ $ $ Class A RV: $150-$350 a night

There are many reasons why someone would like to rent an RV or motorhome.

RVs are great for having escapades and mini-vacations away from the city, so renting an RV is a perfect plan for a short vacation.

But, aside from vocational purposes, many choose to rent an RV or motorhome to experience RV life before deciding to buy an RV for themselves.

Whatever the reason, there are many things to consider when renting an RV.

Which Are The Most Rented RVs?

According to, these are the most usually rented RVs and their characteristics:

Features Class A Motorhome Class B Motorhome Class C Motorhome Travel Trailer Fifth Wheel
Tow or Drive? Drive Drive Drive Tow Tow
How it Feels to Drive  Like driving a bus Like driving a van Like driving a truck Like driving a truck or SUV Like driving a full-sized truck
MPG 6 – 8 MPG 10 – 15 MPG 8 – 13 MPG 10 – 20 MPG 10 – 18 MPG
Benefits -Classic
-Usually the most high-end RV
-Usually big
-Easy to drive
-Saves on gas
-Easier to park
-Good amenities for less $$
– Room for sleeping
– Room for amenities
-Can detach from      truck
-Available in various sizes
-Biggest RV floor plans
– Less swaying while   driving
– can have slide outs
Usual Length 21 ft – 41 ft 12 ft – 20 ft 20 ft – 38 ft 21 ft – 28 ft 22 ft – 44 ft

This video made by RVersity explains the difference between all types of RVs.

What Affect Renting Prices For RVs?

Typically, all types of RVs rent for a per-night fee and include a mileage charge, and there are two major perspectives to understand when looking for the perfect RV for you, the things you need, and the RV’s characteristics.

It’s important to be clear on both because if you are planning a family trip and need space, you can’t rent a Class B motorhome; Class A RVs or Class C or C plus RVs are the best options for family trips, but they are more expensive.

The factors related to the RV that affect the final price are the size, the season, the duration of the trip and miles, the RV’s age, the location, and the amenities.

Depending on what you want and your budget, you need to look for the RV that meets both requirements; a good recommendation is to make a checklist of everything you need, and something to keep in mind is to keep the requirements the simplest you can get the best deals.

Some things that are common necessities for long trips in an RV are toilets, showers, refrigerators, microwaves, and AC/heating.

You can find RVs with many other amenities or entertainment spaces, but these add-ons will increase the price; some of the most common add-ons or customization for RVs are outdoor equipment like camping chairs or a grill, generator use, propane, and more.

Renting a luxurious Class A motorhome typically costs $150 to $350 a night, plus 35-60 cents a mile, making a total cost of approximately $1,400 to $3,500 or more for a week.

Following in size, renting a Class C motorhome or mini motorhome typically costs $150 to $400 a night, plus 25-40 cents a mile, making a total cost of approximately $1,000 to $2,800 for a week.

Class B motorhomes typically rent for $100 to $350 a night, plus 25-40 cents a mile, making a total cost of approximately $700 to $2,450 for a week.

Towable trailers are also popular rentable RV options, but these need a suitable tow vehicle to tow them around.

Travel trailers typically rent for $50 to $200 a night, or $350 to $1,400 per week, a pop-up camping trailer typically rents for $50 to $90 a night, or $350 to $600 weekly, and a fifth wheel typically rents for $60 to $300 a night, or $360 to $2,100 per week. 

According to, the age of the RV affects the renting price, and the newer the RV the more expensive it is to rent:

Features Class A Motorhome Class B Motorhome Class C Motorhome Travel Trailer Fifth Wheel
Cost of Rental
$350 – $450/night $200 – $350/night $ 225 – $400/night $125 – $200/night $150 – $300/night
Cost of Rental
(10+ Older)
$150 – $275/night $100 – $200/night $150-$200/night $50 – $125/night $60 – $150/night

Also, depending on the city or area you are located, RV renting prices will vary; as an example, here’s the Go RV Rentals Research for the 2021 RV Rental Price Index Report:

Metro Area / RV Type ($USD) Class A Class B Class C Trailer Pop Up Toy Hauler Average Price
Atlanta 358 266 216 129 88 153 202
Austin 322 272 252 97 77 137 193
Charlotte 310 261 195 100 88 144 183
Chicago 307 252 231 132 89 139 191
Dallas 311 270 207 118 102 152 193
Denver 259 204 197 108 98 151 169
Detroit 294 250 210 118 86 150 185
Houston 282 259 218 124 82 123 181
Los Angeles 240 180 185 124 102 141 162
Miami 422 172 195 116 85 179 195
Minneapolis 272 188 232 117 93 157 177
Orlando 239 246 201 102 76 148 169
Philadelphia 291 203 243 121 96 148 184
Phoenix 280 217 197 97 81 145 169
Portland 251 220 211 105 94 132 169
Salt Lake City 276 191 209 94 79 110 160
San Diego 225 198 180 125 97 133 159
San Francisco 249 185 223 165 111 155 181
Seattle 277 228 234 113 94 143 181
Tampa 298 212 177 90 80 113 162
Average Price 288 224 211 115 90 143 178

Top Companies

There are companies dedicated to renting RVs, being the most known ones CruiseAmerica and ElMonteRV, but you can look for local RV rental companies through the Recreational Vehicle Rental Association.

Renting online is also a popular option, and some of the online pages where you can rent an RV are RVShare, Outdoorsy, and RVezy.

Things To Consider

Before Renting

  1. First, you need to list what you need and your budget before looking for RVs.
  2. Then, research the different RV rent options and companies or online websites that rent RVs.
  3. Depending on the type of RV you want to rent, a special driver’s license is required in some states.
  4. For towing RVs, a specific type of vehicle is required.
  5. It’s important to consider the gas consumption of the RV before renting. Class A RVs average 8-10 miles per gallon, and a fuel tank holds 100-150 gallons. At $2.50-$4 a gallon, a fuel tank could cost $250-$600 and last around 1,200 miles.
  6. The season matters and renting in the winter months it’s cheaper than renting in summer or spring.
  7. Depending on the state you are renting the RV, you’ll have to pay taxes.

When Renting

  1. Typically you’ll need to pay a safety deposit of $200-$600 or more with the total renting price when picking up the RV.
  2. Usually, the rented RV is picked up and returned to the same place.
  3. When renting the RV check its condition when picking it up and that all appliances work properly.
  4. It’s important to check if the rented RV is covered by insurance; if not, insurance can cost $15-$75 a day. Outdoorsy offers renters up to $1 million in insurance when renting with them, plus roadside assistance.

After Renting

  1. RV parks and campgrounds typically charge a fee of $10-$50 per night.
  2. It’s important to return the RV with a full fuel tank to avoid extra charges. Renting companies charge a high price per gallon for refueling.
  3. Also, when returning the RV, it should be clean and in good condition. Renting companies charge cleaning fees that can add $40-$150 or more.
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